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Micheal Jordan retired because his father was shot while a group of teenagers tried to rob him not noticing that he was Michael Jordan's dad

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Q: Why did Michael Jordan come back after he retired?
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When Michael Jordan retired did people want him to come back?

yes, yes they did

When did Michael Jordan come back from retirement?


When did Michael Jordan come back to the Chicago Bulls?

He came back in 1996.

What year did Michael Jordan come back and play for the wizards?


Why did Michael Jordan stop playing?

Michael Jordan stop playing because he wanted to try to achieve another sport which was baseball, but he did come back, but when he retired again it because he wanted to give the world something great other than his basketball skills, and that was his creations of his shoes.

How come Jordan was traded to the Wizards?

Michael Jordan didn't get traded to the Wizards. He retired (for the second time) and three years later was a free agent who chose to sign with the Wizards.

Michael Jordan's degrees attained?

Michael Jordan did not initially graduate from North Carolina. He did come back in 1986, however, to receive his Geography bachelor's degree.

Is Michael Jordan coming back to the NBA?

I really dont know. But of anyone could come back, why not MJ?

Is it possible that Michael Jordan can come back?

yes it is true michael jordan could possibly be making a return to the nba no one knows for sure but sources say that he still has his jumpshot but his quickness has faded . but you know and i know the guys michael jordan.

When did Michael Jordan come out of retirement?


Where did Michael Jordan come from?

New York

What year did Michael Jordan come back from his first retirement?

Michael returned to the bulls in 1995. They did not won their next championship until 1996.

How come Michael Jordan was never on MTV cribs?

he was

When is Shawn Michael come back to WWE IN 2011?

Shawn Michaels retired at Wrestlemania 26. He is not coming back. He may do an appearance every know and then but who knows.

What hardships did Michael Jordan have to over come?

his dad died

What year did the first Michael Jordan shoes come out?


When will Brett hart come back?

he has retired for good!

Will batista come back to WWE in 2010?

No he has retired.

Did lebron James win against michal jorden?

No, Lebron did not come into the until after Jordan retired.

When did Jordan come back to the nba?


Will Shawn Michael will come back?

NO he wont comeback to raw as a wrestler he retired in own will it had nothin to do with losing to the undertaker .... he may comeback as a host of raw

When Hines Ward retired did he come back?

No, he did not. Hines Ward retired on March 20, 2012.

Will hbk come back?

No, HBK is retired but he will come back occasionally in story lines or as a mentor to superstars.

What city did Michael Jordan come from?

He was born in Brooklyn, New York.

What year did the first Michael Jordan shoes come out to the public?