Why did Mary not deserve the title?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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Q: Why did Mary not deserve the title?
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Why did Mary not deserve the nickname Bloody Mary?

Mary doesn't deserve her nick name because Henry VIII, her father killed far more people than Mary I did.

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Why didn't Bloody Mary deserve her reputation?


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What kind of punishment does Queen bloody Mary deserve?

She has been dead and buried for centuries.

Did Mary I deserve the sobriquet Bloody Mary?

Many say Mary deserved the title as she burnt over 250 Protestants in her reign, many more than her sister Elizabeth (though she hung over 300 after the quashing of the Northern rebellion.) However if you compare it to modern day terrorists it is a small number. Martin McGuiness (main leader of the IRA) is known to have killed or ordered to kill over 3000 people and he is not called "Bloody Martin." though I suspect this is because he is know in Government. The answer is inconclusive and people are split as to whether Mary deserved her title.