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he was drafted by the lakers

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Q: Why did Kobe Bryant stay with lakers so long?
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What city does Kobe Bryant stay at?

Los Angeles

Will Kobe Bryant's contract be renewed next year?

Kobe Bryant will stay. Yes. He already signed through the year 2011.

How long did shaq stay with the lakers?


Will Kobe Bryant stay in the NBA if there isn't a lockout?

yes but its to late now because he's already signing a contract with italy and the lockout is still going NO KOBE THIS YEAR...THAT SUCKS

Were do the Lakers Stay in Milwaukee?

In Milwaukee, the Lakers usually stay in the hotels. Because of the public scrutiny, the hotels usually hide such people.

Where do the lakers stay in San Antonio?


Does Dwight Howard transferred in Los Angeles Lakers?

He has a choice this year to go to the Knicks or Lakers or he can stay. Right now he wants to stay but he can go to another team.

What hotel do the Los Angeles Lakers stay at in Cleveland Ohio?

they stay at the ritz in Cleveland

What hotel do the lakers stay when playing in Cleveland?

Hyatt Regency at The Arcade

Should you stay on the Lakers on nba 2k11?

If you are on a good win streak or a good record stay but if not request a trade.

What road does Kobe byrant stay on?

8719 ridge moon dr.

Which person has won the most nba titles?

Kobe Bryant has won 7 champ's has won all on the Lakers he said he fells perty good about it.M.Jordan was there in 2008 he said that he thought no one would beat his margin.Kobe attended college at Iowa he staid for one year he on the first year to he said he is should be a 8 time champ. He was good in little leauge his mom said.He won every game when he playde for the miners.He told me that he was so prowd that he wanted to stay till 2014