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Q: Why did Jackie Robinson stop playing football?
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At what age does reviving baseball in inner cities stop at?

when did Jackie Robinson stop playing baseball

Why was Jackie Robinson a good hero?

Yes because he was the the first person who stop the violence

What were the fielding stats for baseball player Jackie Robinson playing at short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1953?

Jackie Robinson played in just one game at short stop for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1953 and did not start. He made 2 putouts, had 3 assists, and committed no errors, equivalent to 0 errors per game (estimate based on total games played in). He had no double plays.

What illness can stop you from palying basketball?

No illness can stop you from playing football. Many illnesses will stop you from playing competitive football fro major leagues.

What age do premiership footballers stop playing football?


What year did Alan shearer stop playing football?


When did Darren Lockyer stop playing football?


Did Jackie Robinson play short stop?

Jackie Robinson played all four infield positions, and also played left, and right Field. He broke into the Majors as a first baseman (all of 1947) but played most of his career as a second baseman. He played one game at Shortstop.

How many conussions can you have before you should stop playing football?

apparently you have had a few too many........ And should stop now.

When did African Americans stop playing football?

There has not been a point in time when African-Americans stopped playing football. Currently, approximately 66.3 percent of the players in the NFL are African-American.

How old was Jackie Robinson when he played Major Baseball?

Jackie Robinson played for the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro League in 1945, Montreal of the International League (AAA) in 1946, and the Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League between 1947-1956.

When did Brian Mitchell stop playing football?

Brian Mitchell stopped playing football in the year 2000. Brian Mitchell played football for 14 seasons, and was one of the most widely-known football players, both for his talent and the length of time he played.