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Suggest that Germany was the new classical Greece

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Q: Why did Hitler begin the tradition of carrying the Olympic torch from Athens to the Olympic venue in 1936?
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When did the tradition of the carrying of the Olympic Torch begin?

Believe it or not it was Hitler

Does adulf Hitler have anything to do with the olympic flame?

Adolf Hitler was Cancellor of Germany during the 1936 Berlin Games. It is said that he started the idea of the parade of the Olympic torch ---- The tradition of running with the Olympic torch from Olympia to the site of the Olympics was started in 1936. Hitler used this as a propaganda tool. No documentation exists to substantiate the belief that Hitler had anything to do with the beginning of this tradition.

What does the olympic torch symbolize?

The torch is suppose to be the eternal flame from ancient Greece to the modern world. The interesting thing about it is that it didn't exist and it was Hitler who started the tradition of carrying it into the games. Most people don't know that is where is comes from.The idea of lighting an Olympic flame for the duration of the Games derives from the ancient Greeks who used a flame lit by the sun's rays at Olympiad, the site of the original Games. The concept was revived in 1936 and has remained an Olympic tradition.

How was the olympic torch invented?

I just learned this myself from the history channel, but the tradition of the Olympic torch coming to the games comes from Hitler when he held the games in Germany. That is where the tradition started. He used the story of an eternal torch at Mt. Olympus to create the idea of the torch coming to the games.

When was the Olympics born?

Hitler started the Olympics in 1936. Hitler merely declared the Games open in 1936, he had nothing to do with starting the Olympic Movement. The most widely held estimate for the inception of the Ancient Olympics is 776 BC. The Olympic Games, were first revived with a modern international Olympic Games held in 1859 in Athens, Greece. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was founded in 1894 on the initiative of a French nobleman, Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin. His vision was to bring together amateur athletes from around the world to compete in a variety of events. The First Olympic Games to be held under the IOC was Athens in 1896.

Did Hitler invent the olympic logo?


What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympic that year?

The 1936 Summer Olympic Games were held in Berlin, Germany. The German Chancellor Adolf Hitler hoped that Olympic victories by German athletes would demonstrate Hitler's claim that Germans were naturally superior to the "mongrel" races from Africa, Asia, and the Americas. The black American sprinter Jesse Owens took four gold medals, which annoyed Hitler.

What happened in Berlin olympic games?

Hitler died..

Why did Hitler die in the olympic games in Berlin?

Hitler did not die in the Olympic games in Berlin. He committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin at the end of World War II in Europe when troops of the Allies were entering the city.

Which dictator opened the 1936 Olympic Games?

Adolf Hitler

Why were there 12 years between Olympic games from 1936-1948?


Who was the first black man to take part in the Olympic Games?

Adolf hitler

Why did Hitler storm out of the 1936 olympic games?

Because an African won track.

What prevented the Olympic Games from being held form 1940 to 1948?


What world leader started the olympic relay with the torch?

The modern convention of the olympic flame relay was started in 1936 in Berlin while Adolf Hitler was the Chancelor.

What hopes did Hitler had for the Olympics that year?

the 1936 summer olympic games were held in berlin

What was the first thing Jesse Owens did that he was recognized for?

Beat Adolf Hitler in the Olympic Games.

What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympics that year?

He hoped that Olympic victories by German athletes would demonstrate Hitler's claim that Germans were naturally superior to the "mongrel" races.

Was adolf Hitler's popularity aided by resoration of government by monarchy?

No. It was aided by long tradition of anti-Jewish Feelings.

What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympic games that year?

To expand his rise to gain control over Germany.

What significant moments were there in the 1936 olympic games?

hitler promoted his government and ideals of racial supremacy

Why were the Olympic games of 1936 controversial?

The 1936 Olympics was contreversial, because of Hitler and Jesse Owens.

How did Hitler bring the olympic torch into the games?

he found the person who was running with it killed then then took it and ran!

When did Adolf Hitler open the Olympic games?

Adolf Hitler opened the 1936 Olympics. It should be noted that Germany was chosen as the host of the games in 1931, two years before Hitler and the Nazis took control of Germany (1933).

Did Hitler's mother tried to drop her pregnancy when carrying Hitler?

You mean 'Adi', aka Adolf? Her name was Hitler at the time. No, she did not. She prayed that her son would live, so many of Adolfs sisters and brothers had died in early childhood years. ---