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Hank Aaron and Barbara Lucas were married in 1953 and divorced in 1971. The reason for the divorce is not known.

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Q: Why did Hank Aaron and Barbara Lucas get a divorce?
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Where did Hank Aaron meet his wife?

On October 6, 1953 Hank Aaron married Barbara Lucas.

Did Hank Aaron have a second wife?

Yes. Aaron married Barbara Lewis on October 6, 1953.

What year did Hank Aaron deivorce his first wife?

Barbara Lucas

Who is Hank Aaron wife?

Hank Aarons first marriage was in 1953 to Barbara Lucas. They had four children together. Barbara and Hank got divorced in 1971. Hank then married his second wife Billye Williams in 1973 and they had one child together.

When did Hank Aaron get marred?

He got married to Barbara Aaron in the 1950's but divorced her later.

How many wives has he had?

Hank Aaron has five children. Their names are Gail, Dorinda, Ceci, Hank, and Larry. Hank Aaron himself was the third of eight children.

Is Lary Aaron Hank Aaron?

no, Lary Aaron is a son of Hank Aaron.

Who is Hank Aaron's nephew Richard Aaron?

He is Hank Aaron's nephew.

Where was Hank Aaron from?

Hank Aaron was from Mobile Alabama.

What does Hank Aaron play?

What does Hank Aaron play?

Hank Aaron mother's name and father's name?

Hank Aaron's full name is Henry Louis Aaron.

What was Hank Aaron?

Hammerin' Hank :) His name is Henry Aaron but we all called him Hank.