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Q: Why did Gretzky play only eighteen games games in St. Louis?
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Who is eighteen from One Direction?

Currently, only Zayn as Niall is 17 Liam is 16 and Harry is 17. And Louis is 19..x

When did Wayne Gretzky own the Phoenix Coyotes?

Wayne Gretzky only became a part-owner in 2001.

Has Italy missed any Olympic games?

Only one ... the 1904 Games in St. Louis.

What is the value of a Wayne Gretzky signed rookie card?

Gretzky has only ever signed one rookie card of his....and he kept it. $4.00 US

Why are Wayne Gretzky and Alexander Ovechkin's nicknames alike?

If your refering to Gretzky's nickname "The Great One" and Ovies "The Great". Then they are alike; Gretzky's means hes the one and only great hockey player ever. Ovechkins is a reference to Alexander the Great.

Who was the only British gymnast to win a Bronze medal at the Beijing Olympic Games?

Louis Smith

How many world championships did Wayne Gretzky win as a senior?

None. Gretzky won Bronze medal with Team Canada in Finland 1982, in his only World Championships.

Who won the only NHL MVP award not bagged by Wayne Gretzky?

Mario Lemieus

How many people did Wayne Gretzky fight?

he only fought one person but he was very embaressed

What was the first US city to host the Olympic Summer Games?

It was St. Louis in 1904. Los Angeles (twice) and Atlanta are the only two other cities to have hosted summer games.

How many medals did Wayne Gretzky win?

Gretzky won one gold medal, but only as the general manager of Team Canada. NHLers did not start playing in the Olympics until near the end of his career.

What teams did Wayne Gretzky win the Stanley cups with?

Wayne Gretzky only won Stanley Cup Championships with one team, the Edmonton Oilers. He won them in the seasons of 1983-1984, 1984-1985, 1986-1987, and 1987-1988. Although he did get to the Stanley Cup finals with the Los Angeles Kings in 1993, they lost in 5 games to the Montreal Canadiens.