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It was his number as a college player at the University of Florida in the late 1980s.

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Q: Why did Emmitt Smith have the number 22?
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Emmitt Smith wore what number?

Emmitt Smith wore 22.

Who wore number 22 in the NFL?

Emmitt Smith

Who wore the number 22 for the cowboys after Emmitt Smith?


What number did emmitt smith wear when he played for the Dallas Cowboys?

22 was his number

Famous football players who wore number 22?

Emmitt Smith!

Which famous NFL player have worn number 22?

emmitt smith

What number jersey did emmitt smith wear at the University of Florida?


What is Emmitt Smith's number?

This Dallas Cowboy's number was #22.

Why did Emmitt Smith wear the number 22?

It was his number as a college running back at the University of Florida.

Who wore jersey number twenty two before emmitt smith?

emmitt smith

Who is wearing Number 22 of the Dallas Cowboys Jersey Now?

#22 has not been reissued since Emmitt Smith left the team.

Who is number 22 on the Dallas Cowboys?

No one has worn No. 22 during the regular since 2002, Emmitt Smith's last season with the Dallas Cowboys.

What NFL player wears number 22 and set his team with most rushing yards?

Emmitt Smith

Who has worn number 22 for the Dallas Cowboys?

Two Hall of Famers have worn the number for the Cowboys: Bob Hayes (1965-74) and Emmitt Smith (1990-2002).

Who is Emmitt Smith?

emmitt smith

Who is emmitt smith dad?

emmitt smith

How much money does emmitt Smith have?

emmitt smith

Does emmitt smith have MySpace?

yes Emmitt smith has Myspace

What is emmitt smith's fathers name?

Emmitt Smith Jr.

How many kids does emmitt smith have?

Emmitt smith has four children

When did emmitt smith win the Heisman Trophy?

Emmitt Smith did not win a Heisman Trophy.

Who has worn number 22 on the Dallas Cowboys?

Those players who have worn #22 for the Cowboys: 1960: Bill Butler 1962-1964: Amos Bullock 1965-1974: Bob Hayes 1979: Wade Manning 1982: George Peoples 1984-1988: Victor Scott 1990-2002: Emmitt Smith

When was Emmitt Smith born?

Emmitt Smith was born on May 15, 1969.

What is Emmitt Smith's birthday?

Emmitt Smith was born on May 15, 1969.

When did Emmitt Smith Football happen?

Emmitt Smith Football happened in 1995.