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She became a journalist because she can't play sports.

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Q: Why did Donna de Varona bacome a journalist?
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When was Donna de Varona born?

Donna de Varona was born on 1947-04-26.

What has the author Donna De Varona written?

Donna De Varona has written: 'Donna de Varona's Hydro-aerobics' -- subject(s): Aerobic exercises, Aquatic exercises, Swimming

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Donna de Varona

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When was Manuel Antonio de Varona born?

Manuel Antonio Santiago Tarin was born in 1811.

When did 400m medley become part of the Olympics?

That was the 1964 Games in Tokyo. The first gold medal winners were Richard Roth of the United States in a time of 4:45.4 and Donna de Varona of the United States in a time of 5:18.7.

Where did joanna kerns go to high school?

I believe she went to Santa Clara High School. The same one that her famous Olympian sister, Donna de Varona, attended. I read that Joanna did not graduate from there because she left school to go on the road to pursue her acting career.

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