Why did Devin Hester choose number 23?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Why did Devin Hester choose number 23?
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What is Devin Hester's jersey number?

Chicago Bears 23

Who is 23 on return man?

Devin Hester In Red

Who has the most non-offensive touchdowns in NFL history?

devin Hester of the Chicago bears #23

What number is devin Hester?

what do devin Hester run at a 40

Which 2006 Bears player did Jim Carrey take to his movie premiere that had the title of a Bear's number that came out after Super XLI?

The Stunning Devin Hester, Numero 23!

What number is Devon Hester?


What football player has the number 23?

Troy Vincent is one NFL player who wore the number 23 on his jersey. Other players who wore number 23 include Reggie Bush, Mark Barren, Jack Larscheid, Hank Rivera, Bo Dickenson, Rod Sherman, Charlie Smith, and Tracy Porter.

When was Devin Aromashodu born?

Devin Aromashodu was born on 1984-05-23.

Who wore the number 23 before Hester?

Jerry Azumah

Did the rules of football ever change?

one is that players have 2 have certain numbers like quarter backs need 2 have a number between 1 and 19 and running backs need a number between 20 and 49 but if a player changes his position then he can keep his number he had from that position for example devin Hester when he was drafted he was a cornerback and he had the number 23 he changed his position to wide receiver and he kept the number 23 even though wide receivers arent supposed 2 have that number. this rule was made in 1973

Why did Jordan choose the number 23 as his signature number?

that was his luckey number.

What number did Michael Jordan choose?

He chose number 23.