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Q: Why did Darius decide to attack Athens?
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What caused Darius to decide to attack Greece?

Greece support rebellion in Persia

What cause Darius to decide to attack Greece?

Greece support rebellion in Persia

Who ruled Athens after Pisitratus?

hi my name is darius applewhite

How did Xerxes punish Athens after Darius died?

He captured Athens and looted the city in 480-479 BCE.

Which Persian emperor attacked Athens for aiding Greek colonies?

Darius I.

Was Darius defeated by the Greeks?

A punitive expedition he sent to Eretria and Athens was defeated by Athens at Marathon 490 BCE.

Why does Darius attack Greece and start the first Persian War?

Darius I of Persia sent a punitive expedition against both Athens and Eritrea for their support of the revolt by the Greek city of Miletus against its rule, in the couse of which they overstepped the mark by burning his provincial capital of Sardis.

Why did Persian emperor Darius attack Greek mainland?

Athens and Eretria intervened in a rising of Greek cities located inside the Persian Empire, and overdid it by burning the Persian provincial capital of sardis. Darius decided to punish the two cities and instal puppet governors to keep them quiet.

What battle did the Athenians defeat Darius and the Persian army saving Athens?

Battle of Marathon

What issues did ancient Athens government decide?


Why did king darius king of Persia attack Athens?

After Athens supported the Greek cities of Asia Minor in their revolt against Persia, and helped burn the Persian provincial capitat of Sardis, Persia decided to instal a puppet ruler in Athens to stop this external interference destabilising its empire. An amphibious expedition was sent to capture the culprits of Athens and Eritrea. An expelled Athenian tyrant Hippias was to be installed to rule Athens. The invasion was repelled at Marathon.

Which Persian leader was the first to attack mainland Greece?

King Darius I the Great.

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