Why did Daniel shay raid an arsenal?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Q: Why did Daniel shay raid an arsenal?
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Who led an armed uprising of about 1.200 Massachusetts farmers on a federal arsenal?

Daniel Shays led a rebellion against high taxes that forced farmers into debt.

Who was the angry at shay's rebellion?

The Massachussetts farmers and Daniel Shay

Who who led shays rebellion?

Daniel Shay

Who lead a raid of a federal arsenal in WV?

john brown

Radical abolitionist who was hanged after an arsenal raid?

John Brown

What was Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry Arsenal supposed to do?

John Brown's raid and capture of the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry, Virginia was a step towards his goal of starting a slave rebellion. The arsenal provided Brown with the weapons needed for the revolt.

Who led a protest against new taxes in january 1787?

Daniel Shay or Shay's rebellion.

What led the raid to retake harpers ferry arsenal?

The raid led to the capture of John Brown and the survivors of his band.

What is an example for shay's rebellion?

When Daniel Shay lost his farm because of the taxes being held against him.

What was the name of the poor farmer who led the rebellion against the Virginia government?

Daniel Shay in Shay's Rebellion.

Where did Daniel Shay grow up?

Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Site of a famous raid on a federal arsenal?

Harper's Ferry, Virginia