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Health issues.

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Q: Why did Christina Murphy not try out for dcc again?
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Was Christina Murphy cut from Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders?

No. She chose not to try out again due to health issues.

Why is Natalie woods not on the dcc squad?

She opted not to try out again.

Did Melissa rycroft make the DCC?

Yes she was a DCC for two years -2007 and 2008 season I believe. She didn't try out again after that.

Why did Erica Jenkins not try out for the DCC again?

She went to try out for the Lakers girls but is now dancing for the Pussy Cat Dolls.

Did loni Lindsey try out for dcc 08?

No she did not. Loni was a DCC for the 2007-2008 squad only.

Did loni Lindsey try out for the dcc 2008-2009 squad?

No Bcues do come back for her 2 year on the dcc

Did loni Lindsey try out for dcc?

Actually Candace and Melissa were there and unfortunately were not selected for unknown reasons. Loni was not there.

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Why didn't Nicole Hamilton try out for the 2010 DCC squad?

She retired after five seasons with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with an eye on working with the Cowboys' marketing and sales department.

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