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Apparently, he's wetawded.

I'll have to agree with u

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Q: Why did Caldwell take Peyton Manning out in the 3rd?
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Was Peyton Manning a 3rd string quarterback in high school?


What is the name of Peyton Manning's parents?

Peyton Manning hung out with his dad and his teamates when he played football. Peyton watched films of his games. His dad, Archie, teached him a lot of things about football. In high school he was a prep star. He was the shortstop for the baseball team and played on the basketball team for two years. His brother, Cooper, played with Peyton in high school and caught 73 passes for 1,250 yards and 13 touchdowns.

Is Michael Vick the highest paid quarterback now?

No. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are 1 and 2. Vick is 3rd now.

Which team stopped the Indianapolis Colts from a perfect season in the 2010 season?

The New York Jets after the Indianapolis Colts benched Peyton Manning in the 3rd quarter feeling to confadent with a lead 9-3 lead and the New York Jets won 29-15

Did Archie Manning win a Heismann?

No. He was 4th in the Heisman voting in 1969 and 3rd in 1970.

Did Eli Peyton win a Heisman Trophy?

Eli Manning finished 3rd in Heisman Trophy voting behind Jason White of Oklahoma and Larry Fitzgerald of Pittsburgh.

Who was Calgary's 3rd round pick in the 1998 Nhl Entry Draft?

That was defenseman Paul Manning from Colorado College.

Where does John Elway currently rank in career passing yards all-time in the history of the NFL?

3rd, with 51,475 yds. Top 3 is: 1 BRETT FAVRE 65,127 2 Dan Marino 61,361 3 John Elway 51,475 The only active player that is clearly going to surpass him (barring injury) is Peyton Manning, currently on 45,628 (so two seasons away).

Whos the best NFL player?

According to per jersey sales the most popular are : 1. Tim Tebow 2. Donovan McNabb 3. Ladanian Tomlinson 4. Drew Brees 5. Tony Romo 6. Peyton Manning 7. Brett Farve 8. Ndamakong Suh 9. Sam Bradford 10. Troy Polamanu But a recent poll of the 3rd week of July 2010 asked people who their favorite athletes were : 1. Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods tied for first. 3.Derek Jeter.4 Farve. 5.Manning

Is Peyton Manning better than Tom Brady?

The last answer was a big bias piece of crap so im gonna give you cold hard facts. Manning is 11-12 in the postseason, and he has been eliminated 8 times in his first postseason game for that year. Tom Brady on other hand is 18-8 in the postseason, and has only been eliminated in the first game twice. (cannot say wildcard round because some loses have been in the divisional round). "Well, [Brady/Manning] had a better supporting cast". Really? It's already an impossible argument to end with a winner, so don't bring this statement into the discussion. The simple fact is that Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have had years where their teams have been stacked with talent, and other years where a combination of injuries and lack of talent cripple the skill on the field. They both played for teams that won divisions and clinched playoff byes. Stop pointing fingers at their respective teams and just agree that they both have played on great teams and not as great teams, yet they both are talented enough to not miss a beat. There are a couple of arguments to discuss here. Some people, to my disbelief, will not give credit to lost Super Bowls. The thing I cannot stand to hear is when people say they rather have a quarterback go to 4 Super Bowls and win all 4 instead of going to 5 and winning 4 of the 5. What logic is that? Just because Peyton Manning and the Broncos lost yesterday in the Super Bowl does not mean you just erase what happened this year for him. He won a couple of postseason games and advanced to the Super Bowl. 2 teams every year get there, and even if you don't win its still a great achievement to win a multiple playoff games in one year. Brady has led his team to the Super Bowl 5 times in 12 seasons in where he started (excluding the year he tore his ACL and his rookie year where he was the 3rd string) compared to Manning's 3 appearances in 15 seasons as a starter. The fun little postseason statistic I love to point out is Peyton Manning's performance in the playoffs when he won his first Super Bowl. In 4 games, he averaged about 230 yards per game while throwing for 3 TDs and 7 INTs. That Colts defense carried this team to a title, so when you hear Brady critics point out how great those Patriots defenses were, don't be afraid to mention this. -Yards: Manning 270/game, Brady 255/game -Passing TDs: Manning 2.05/game, Brady 1.86/game -INTs: Brady .69/game, Manning .91/game -Completion %: Manning 65.4%, Brady 63.4% -QB rating: Manning 97.2, Brady 95.7 The fact is that both QBs are highly efficient and productive, and the stats do not favor one side more than the other by any significance. Manning does have 5 MVP trophies compared to Brady's 2. Manning has only missed the Pro Bowl twice while a starter for 15 years compared to Brady missing 3 times in 12 years in which he started. These awards are not be ignored, but the fact is these awards are given to players. These awards are up for debate. One does not "win" an MVP trophy. One "earns" an MVP trophy. I care about about what my quarterback can win for me. Tom Brady has lead his team to winning 3 Super Bowl titles. These weren't awarded to him and his team. These were won.

Who are the 5 offensive players from the Colts?

there are 11 starters on any play on offense in the NFL but here are the players who are presumptive starters minus offensive line. Qb-- Peyton Manning 18 Hb-- Joseph Addai 29 Te--Dallas Clark 44 Wr1--Reggie Wayne 87 Wr2--Pierre Garcon 85 Wr3--Anthony Gonzalez 11 Wr4--Austin Collie 17 Rb2/3rd down Rb--Donald Brown

Who scored the saints touchdowns in the 2010 Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIV, the New Orleans Saints defeated the Indianapolis Colts 31-17. The Colts were leading the Saints in the 3rd quarter, 17-13 after a Joseph Addai 4 yard rushing TD with with 6:15 remaining. The Saints scored three unanswered times, the first being a Garrett Hartley Field Goal, making the score to 16-17 in favor of the Colts. The second unanswered score was a 2 yard TD pass from Drew Brees to TE Jeremy Shockey, putting the Saints ahead 24-17 after 2 point conversion attempt was successful (2 yd pass Brees to WR Lance Moore). With 5:35 remaining in the 4th quarter, Peyton Manning began the Colts 2nd to last drive at their own 10 yard line. He marched his team into New Orleans territory, with the line of scrimmage set at the New Orleans 31. The Colts were facing a 3rd and 5; Manning in the shotgun received the snap; the Saints defensive line had little to no pressure on Manning who was standing in a clean pocket; the left edge of the pocket was being forced in, Manning stepped up in the pocket and slung the ball to open receiver Reggie Wayne. Wayne, like he had done thousands of times before finished his route, turned to face Manning and sat on his route. Just before Reggie Wayne caught the ball, Saints Defensive Back Tracy Porter jumped the route, intercepting the football. Porter took the INT and turned it into a pick 6, sealing the win for the Saints with his 74 yard Interception for a Touch Down.