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because he became old , unfit and fat

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It was due to age and injury as well.

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Q: Why did Brazil kick ronaldo out of the team?
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Is ronaldo in in the Brazil wc squad 2010?

No Ronaldo is not in the Brazilian team anymore.

Is Ronaldo Retired From International Brazil Team?

Not yet...

What is the team of ronaldo?

Ronaldo Fenomeno from Brazil played for Corinthians in Brazil but sadly he retired at 2011. If you meant Christiano Ronaldo from Portugal he currently plays for Real Madrid in Spain.

In the Brazil team does the ronaldo play in this FIFA World Cup?

Yes of cause he played 97 international matches for Brazil team and the country yet.

Who is the top scorer in the Brazil team?

In world cup it is Ronaldo , in Brazilian soccer it is Pele.

What team did Rafeal Nadal play for?

Christiano ronaldo plays for Portugal.

Who is the leading goal scorer in the football world cup?

Ronaldo from Brazil with fifteen.

What team is ronaldihno?

If you mean Christiano Ronaldo, he plays for Real Madrid C.F. He also plays on the national team of Portugal F.C.

Who does Brazilian soccer player ronaldo play for?

all i know as im only 10 is that he plays for a team in Brazil

Which team dose ronoldino play for?

he plays for Brazil

Does Ronaldo play for Algeria?

Ronaldo Lima played for Brazil and not algeria.

What is ronaldo's number for Brazil?