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to change the world

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Q: Why did Arthur Ashe play tennis?
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What sport did Arthur ashe play?

Arthur Ashe played tennis.

Where did Arthur Ashe play tennis at?

At tennis tournaments.

What sports did Arthur Ashe play?


What sport did Author Ashe play?

If you mean Arthur Ashe, tennis.

Whom attended the University of California on a tennis scholarship?

=Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe==Arthur Ashe=

Where did Arthur Ashe work?

Arthur Ashe's main work was on the tennis court.

Did the tennis player Arthur Ashe have any brothers?

Arthur Ashe had a brother named Johnnie Ashe.

What was Arthur Ashe famous at?


What college did Arthur Ashe study in?

Arthur Ashe attended UCLA on a tennis scholarship.

Are there any African tennis players?

Arthur Ashe was african, but he doesn't play anymore

What was the great tennis players name Arthur?

Arthur Ashe.

What did Arthur Ashe do for a living?

he played tennis

What sport did Arthur Ashe excel in?


Is Arthur Ashe a famous baseball player?

Maybe in an alternate universe. Arthur Ashe was a great tennis player.

Who was the African American to play tennis?

Arthur Ashe. There's a stadium named after him in Flushing, NY.

Did Arthur ashe play tennis when he was a child?

Yes. Arthur Ashe started tennis at an early age and met Ronald Charity, one of the best African American tennis players in the country, at the age of seven. Charity took an interest in Arthur and basically became his first coach. Click on the 'Arthur Ashe' link below to read about his childhood and lifestory from

When did arthur ashe start playing tennis?

Arthur Ashe started playing tennis professionally in 1970 and he retired in 1980. He was an American World No. 1 professional tennis player.

Who was Arthur Ashe?

He was an awesome historical tennis player.

Who was the first black tennis champion?

Arthur ashe

What was arthur ashe hobbies?

Wii sports tennis

Was Arthur Ashe a fast learner in tennis?

Yes. It is often said that Ashe was a prodigy.

What were Arthur Ashe achievements?

Arthur Ashe's greatest achievement was that he became the first professional African American tennis player

Who won the 1975 Wimbledon tennis championship?

Arthur Ashe

Who is attended the university of California on a tennis scholarship?

Arthur Ashe

Who attended the univertisty of California on a tennis scholarship?

Arthur Ashe