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why did aj hackett event bungy jumping

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Q: Why did A J Hackett invent bungee jumping?
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When was A. J. Hackett born?

A. J. Hackett was born in 1958.

When was D. J. Hackett born?

D. J. Hackett was born on 1981-07-03.

Who invented bungy jumping?

== == "this ancient custom caught the interest of some students at Oxford University in England. In the late nineteen seventies, they formed a group called the Dangerous Sports Club. They liked to invent risky and sometimes crazy activities. They were some of the first people to test several of what are now called extreme sports. They are said to have invented modern bungee jumping. In the spring of nineteen seventy-nine, members of the group jumped off the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, England. They were attached to the bridge by a bungee cord, a long elastic rope that stretches. They were dressed in black and white clothing and held bottles of Champagne wine. The press quickly reported on their wild activities. The group soon received even more attention when they organized a bungee jump off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California. A man named A.J. Hackett of New Zealand later heard about this group. He decided to make the sport into a business. Mister Hackett worked with his friend Henry van Asch who was an expert at skiing. They started developing bungee ropes and materials. Scientists at Auckland University helped them. The two men knew that people would find bungee jumping exciting and fun. And they knew people would pay money for the experience. == ==

Did new zealand start bunjee jumping?

Commercialized Bungee Jumping indeed originated in New Zealand. But the peoples of the Solomon Islands had practiced a similar recreation long before, but in a more formal cultural context. The tallest Bungee Jump currently (mid 2012) is an A J Hacket operation on the Macau Tower, at 233 m.

What has the author Walter J Hackett written?

Walter J. Hackett has written: 'Maintenance chemical specialities' -- subject(s): Floors, Maintenance and repair, Waxes

What is banji jumping?

Did you mean Bungee Jumping?Bungy jumping (or bungee jumping) is the sport that originated from New Zealand and was created by maverick daredevil A J Hackett, and his original jump from a bridge in Greenhithe, Auckland. The sport denotes jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large rubber cord. The tall structure is usually a fixed object, such as a building, bridge, or crane; but it is also possible to jump from a movable object, such as a hot-air-balloon or a helicopter, that has the ability to hover over one spot on the ground; fixed-wing aircraft are clearly unsuitable because they only stay aloft when moving rapidly forward. The intense thrill comes as much from the free-falls as from the rebounds.[1] When the person jumps, the cord stretches to absorb the energy of the fall, then the jumper flies upwards again as the cord snaps back. The jumper oscillates up and down until all the energy is used up.From Wikipedia.

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