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They are great for Basketball do to the flexibility

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Q: Why chuck Taylor are not good for basketball?
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Is chuck Taylor a person or company?

Chuck Taylor was a person and Chuck Taylor All-Stars were a brand of basketball shoe manufactured, with much input from Chuck Taylor about design and comfort, by Converse. Click on the 'Chuck Taylor' link below to read about the man.

What year did chuck Taylor play basketball?

What team did basket ball player chuck Taylor play on

What was converse created for?

Basketball. And Chuck Taylor was a famous player back in the days, and his name placed on the famous "chuck taylor" hightops.

What were the first basketball shoes?

converse chuck Taylor high tops


The first Chuck Taylor shoes were used in basketball in 1918.

How did shoes become popular?

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing Basketball with them on!!!

How did converse shoes become popular?

It became popular when everyone saw that Chuck Taylor was playing basketball with them on!!!

What year did chuck Taylor invent Converse?

Chuck Taylor was a famous basketball player that later has become a salesman for the company. The first Chuck Taylors were used in 1918. Check and go to the History Section you will see a timeline link at the bottom.

Was Chuck Taylor ever married?

Twice actually, the 1st lady he was married to was Ruth Taylor (better known as Ruth Alder) then the rumor is Chuck was giving a basketball clinic and he ran off and got married to this other girl, Lucy Taylor Hennessey.

Why did chuck Taylor call it converse?

Marquis Converse was the woman who originally invented Converse sneakers. Converse was really her last name, so that is how that started. Chuck Taylor came in when everybody discovered how good he was at basketball, so Chuck earned the privilege to design one of the bestselling basketball shoes ever. Unfortunately, Converse sneakers went bankrupt in 2001, with lack of selling the sneakers, so Nike bought them out 2 years later (2003).

When was the Chuck Taylor all-star founded?

Chuck Taylor All Stars also known as converses was first produced in 1917 initially marketed towards basketball players, however, the design was modified in 1920 for all consumers.

When was Chuck Evans - basketball - born?

Chuck Evans - basketball - was born in 1971.