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Q: Why chicharito called this name?
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What's Chicharito's real name?

His real name is Javier Hernandez Balcazar. He is no.14 in MUFC, forwarder. He is from Mexico. And Chicharito is his nickname

Does chicharito has girlfriend?

Yes, he does her name is Leticia ):

Does chicharito have a girlfriend?

He dose not have a girlfriend .....if he dose wat is her name....

Do chicharito have kids?

Chicharito does NOT have kids! (:

Who is better chicharito or dos Santos?


Does Manchester United have chicharito?

Yes. His real second name being Hernandez.

Who is better Cristiano ronaldo messi or el chicharito?


Is chicharito going to Manchester utd?

Indeed, since this question was asked, in April 2010, Chicharito, real name Javier Hernández Balcázar joined Manchester United.

Who is chicharito's mother?

Her name is Sopapilla 'Salsa' Balcázar. Balcázar is the maternal family name. Hernández is the paternal family name.

Who is faster chicharito or messi?

El chicharito<3 hell yeah

What shoes does chicharito wear?

Chicharito wears nike tiempo legend iii

Is real Madrid going to buy chicharito?

Right now no. In the future they will. Around 2016 when Chicharito contract ends or if Chicharito leaves dues to Van Pesie transfer.