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It's because it would be equivalent to having a loaded firearm during transport and when law enforcement see that you have a loaded firearm (according to NY firearm laws), they may have the right to arrest you.

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Q: Why cant you have pain in your paintball gun in NY?
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Is a paintball gun a firearm in ny?

No. A paintball gun is not considered a fire arm anywhere because it does not use an explosion to propel a metal object.

Is it legal to own a paint ball gun in ny?

Yes it is perfectly legal to own a paintball gun in NY. Some of the best teams come from NY. NY also has over 40 fields.

Are paintball guns illegal in Yonkers ny?

There is not licencing for paintball markers.

Is it legal to use the paintball gun in public park of NY?

Yes because it is the state of New York's property. If you have permission from New York you may.

How old do you have to be to shoot a gun in up state NY?

Since you can post on the internet, do a search on NY gun laws.

Which was the first paintball field invented?

the first official field opened in Rochester NY.

Is paintball legal in NY?

Yes, as long as you play on a registered field, ie Liberty Paintball in Harrison, NY. You can shoot your friends in your backyard if you want but use a mask and get them to sign waivers/consent forms if you want to avoid any legal implications.

What age do you have to be to get a gun license in NY?

You will have to contact your local police. NY has a patchwork or laws.

Can you get a gun permit in NY if you are under age?


Can you carry a pellet gun pistol for protection in NY?

A pellet gun is not adequate for protection, and will get you arrested.

Is pepper spray legal in Erie county NY?

It is legal in NY as long as you purchase it in NY from a gun shop or a pharmacist (strange but true).

Is it legal to shoot a paintball gun in your backyard in NY?

This truly depends on your area. If you are in a place, say like New York City, you will most likely be called out on it and the police will come. However if you are in a smaller area with a more rural setting like Ithica, then you should be fine.

How much time you get for robbery with a air gun in ny state?

Just as much as if you use a real gun.

Who made Baker Gun Syracuse NY?

L.C. Smith

Is it legal in NY to shoot deer with pellet gun?

no. Why would you?

Can you own a gun in NY if convicted of berglery in the fourth degree?


How old do you need to be in NY state to get a gun licence?


What is that in Korean?

저건 뭐니? (juo-gun-muo-ny?)

How old is American Gun Co ny ny dual trigger dual hammer 12 gauge?

@ turn of the century

Is pepper spray legal in NY?

Pepper spray is legal in NY, but it has to be purchased within NY. You cannot purchase it from, for example, a website that is not in NY. Check you local licensed gun shops and drugstores, they may have them.

Is it legal to carry an Airsoft gun in public in the state of NY?


What is the legal age to own a airsoft gun in NY?

18 in the US.

Who made LC Smith Baker Gun Syracuse NY?

LC Smith

Who made Leader 12ga shotguns?

Baker Gun Co of Batavia NY

Can you play paintball in Jamaica queens?

Not that I know of - if anything, Queens would be considered part of NYC under NY law and NYC law states that paintball markers are illegal. However, there are very few fields around in the city, and certainly none that I know of in Jamaica.

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Is a paintball gun a firearm in ny?

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