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Because boys are more physical then girls

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Q: Why cant girls compete in sports with boys?
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How do boys feel about girls in sports?

They feel like girls cant do anything and they can do everything.

Why cant men and women compete against each other?

Because boys are stronger than girls and that boys have their own ways

Should female compete with male in sports?

Yes I dont think that a girl cant enjoy another sport that boys do

Why boys can play girls sports but girls cant play boys sports?

After a certain age, boys generally are stronger(and heavier) than girls. In sports this is usually an advantage, so a boy doing a "girl" sport has a decent chance of doing well while a girl doing a "boy" sport will have a definite disadvantage. Might even run a higher risk of getting injured.

Why cant girls play pro sports?

They can and do.

How are boys different from girls?

Well Boys are the males and girls are females xD! I CANT TELL YOU :X

Why cant girls and boys be on the same gymnastics team?

because boys do other stuff than the girls

What can girls do that boys cant?

We can do the twirlies, we can do the splits, we can do the can-can and we can show our knicks. Can you?!

Who has more fashion boys or girls?

girls have more fashion because girls have over a million dresses and boys have a couple of tuxedos to chose from.Also boys cant wear skirts{only in irland]and boys cant wear dresses and girls can.Boys have to wear the same thing every day pants and a shirt.

Who can balance longer on their balls of their feet boys or girls?

I say, girls. (well it totally depends if some girls cant balance and some boys also)

Boy can be a girl?

well boys can dress up as girls but cant be girls in real life.

Are girls better that guys?

yes 4 example girls can were skirts and dresses but boys cant

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