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6th graders can play football they can play whatever sport they want to.

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Q: Why cant 6th graders play football?
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Why cant 6th graders play sports?

6th graders can play sports wait what school

What sports should 6th graders play?

football, baseball, basketball, or soccer

How many 6th graders play sports?

A lot of 6th graders play sports I'm pretty sure. At least like all of the boys.

Why can't 6th graders play in middle school sports?

The schools think that 6th graders are to liltle for sports

Why can't 6th graders play in school sports?

They are to young to be playing with eighth graders!! Also it was clinically proven that the new transition for 6th Graders is 2 hard2 handle

Why cant sxith graders play sports agnist 6th graders from different schools in the county?

Well it usually depends on the school you go to. Because I know that my high school played football against another high school from a different state. Plus, usuallly middle schools don't play against different middle schools from out of their county. Maybe you should ask your coach about that..

Is it safe to have 6th graders playing softball with 12 graders?

haha(: no. you should never have them play together unless the 12th graders suck and your sixth graders are beastly(:

Do 6th graders play sports?

71 percent of them do

Should 6th graders play sport?

Yes they should. It is good for them and it is fun and it is a break from other lessons. It has many other benefits too, so yes 6th graders should play sports.

Should 6th graders have cell phones?

6th graders should get a phone because they go to football games at school and get involved in other after school activities.

Should 6th graders be able to play sports?


What are cons for letting sixth graders play middle school sports?

There are upside to letting 6th graders play middle school sports, but there are also downsides like if they 6th graders are focused on sports then they may not focus as much on their schoolwork or getting used to middle school.

What causes the breakdown of starch into sugar?

Saliva, your welcome! Btw if you play Free realms since most 6th graders have this question and most 6th graders DO play Free realms, add me. Queen Raven

Why can't sixth graders in the Jersey Shore Middle School participate in Middle School sports?

well my school is k-4 5&6 7&8 9-12 but at my school 6th grades cant play sports either but most schools don't have 6th graders do sports

Do sixth graders have school dances?

Yeah....6th graders do have dances....I did when I was in 6th grade....SOUUU YES THEY DO! (;

Who goes to mineola middle school?

6th graders 8th graders and 7th graders go there

Why do seventh graders lead 6th graders on?

most of the time, i think it's because the seventh graders are older than the sixth graders (obviously) so the seventh graders think they can date (or whatever) whoever they want in sixth grade, or lead them on. or at least, that's what i think. Xd why would a 7th grader want to date a 6th graders and 6th graders shouldnt be dating

How old do you have to be to play lacrosse?

Any age..but most leagues and teams are usually around 4th-12th graders and of course MLL (major league lacrosse). but if your willing to pay alot, then there is sure a club team you can play for In some areas school districs have school "clubs" for 1st-6th graders. These are great for football or soccer players that need a physical alternative or off-season sport.

Should sixth graders play middle school sports?

Yes, 6th graders should definatley play sports only meant for 7th and 8th graders. Whats the big deal? Soon they will get faced with a bigger challenge in sports and this will help prepare them for it. Also the school can make more money from the games

Who would get a facebook younger than a 6th grader?

5th graders, 4th graders, even 3rd graders

How do sixth graders feel about bullies?

i was a 6th grader and i did not like it so i think all 6th graders dont like it.

What to do with your 6th grade boyfriend?

Pass notes, watch movies at each others house. Go play at the park. That's about all 6th graders need to be doing.

How many sixth graders laugh per day?

all the 6th graders in the world

How many 6 graders are there in a middle school?

My middle school has 485 6th graders

What percent of 6th graders have cell phones and why?

About 87% percent since they use them to play games, check their grades, instagram, and text.