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I heard on the Olympics the black skined people have genes that make them run quicker

i recon white people swim faster cause white skin weighs less than black skin

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Which black and white bird can swim faster than any others?

the Gentoo Penguin

Can black and white cats swim?

All cats can swim

Why do frogs swim instead of walking?

they are better at swimmin because they have webbed feet to swim better. they are faster at swimming.

Does your height help you to swim better and faster?

Yes. You also run faster with longer legs.

How do webbed feet help alligators?

to help them swim faster and better!!

How are polar bears and penguins different?

Polar Bears live North, penguins are in the south. Penguins swim faster than Polar Bears. Polar bears are white, and penguins are typically black and white.

Does a swimming cap make you swim faster?

using a swim cap does make you swim faster

Why do fishes have fins instead of hands?

Fish use fins to help them swim better. If you go swimming, you will swim faster, with swim fins, instead of just feet. Fins are better for fish instead of hands.

How good do piranhas swim?

Piranhas can swim up to faster than a great white shark they go 65 miles per hour

Can black panther swim fast?

only if they are chasing a white man

Has there ever been a human that can swim faster than a Great White Shark?

No. The maximum speed of a Great White Shark is 40 km/h and no human has ever swum faster than that.

What temperature of water is better to swim in?

well i always find that it is best when i swim in cold waters as it makes me swim faster to warm up while if it is warm then i get tired quicker so i dont train/swim as well

Can a whale swim faster than a shark?

NO!A whale cant swim faster than a shark.

How many black people can swim?

as many as the equivalent number of white people I expect

Who makes the black and white striped swim trunks Matthew mcconahey wears?

RVCA brand

Can fat people swim faster then otters?

Can the overweight person swim? It also depends on where there swimming to. Mind you I think people big or small people have better things to do with there time.

How do the webbed feet of a duck help her to swim in water?

The webbed feet help the duck swim faster, just as flippers help us to swim faster.

How fast do white bass swim?

how fast do white seabass swim

How do Great White Sharks swim?

They basically use their tails to propel themselves forward in water. They have a streamlined body which allows them to reduce water resistance (friction) and swim faster in water.

Can black bears swim underwater?

black bears can swim underwater

How does A seal's fin help them swim?

it help seal swim faster

Why do alligators have web feet?

To help them swim ! Webbed feet push more water away than non-webbed.

Can white men jump?

Yes, but the racial myth of black men can't swim and white men can't jump is just a myth.

What are the tricks to swim faster?

do a handstand

Can black footed ferrets swim?

Black footed ferrets are able to swim