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This is because the cricket ball is more heaver and bigger than the Golf ball so it imports more force

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Q: Why can a cricket ball do more work tan a golfball moving at the same speed?
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What is the speed of the fastest ball in cricket?


Why does cricket players needs speed?

Hey friends i am Shivam , and i think that the cricket players need speed to even play cricket as if they will not have speed they couldn't play cricket. In cricket, speed is needed every where to even take a run by the strikers quickly or to catch the ball far from the fielder by running in speed to get the ball by the opponents team. So speed is too important in the game of cricket.

Why can a cricket ball do more work than a golfball even when they are going at the same speed?

Cricket balls are more massive than golf balls (because they're bigger and denser).This means the balls can impart more force, which over distance means they can do more mechanical work.

How is the speed of a cricket ball during bowling determined?

Current technology allows the use of a "radar gun" to determine the speed of a cricket ball. There is a slight problem in that the ball is frequently thrown "down"

Why is it easier to catch a tennis ball as compared ta a cricket ball moving with the same velocity?

because a tennis ball is softer and lighter than regular cricket ball.

How do you measure speed of a ball in cricket?

160.43 by shaun tait

What is the average speed that a cricket ball is thrown?

125 kmph

What is the software used to find the speed of the ball in cricket?


Why is it easier to stop a tennis ball than a cricket ball moving with same speed?

Tennis balls are lighter than cricket balls. Therefore less mass. If a tennis ball travels at the same speed its momentum (mass x velocity) is lower. Therefore less momentum an easier to stop. Short answer, less mass and same speed means less momentum

What makes a golfball bounce?

A golf ball has a rubber center.

What is the dimples on a golfball for?

They allow the ball to fly, and make it aerodynamic.

Where radar gun is situated to measure speed of cricket ball?

in my hands!!!!

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Why can a cricket ball do more work than a golfball even when they are going at the same speed?

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