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Yes, you may do so, the key distinction that you have made in the question is the ball 'out' of the bunker. If the ball is still in the bunker you would be penalised two shots for grounding a club in a hazard. If the ball is no longer in the bunker you are in you may ground the club, but be aware, there is really no need to.

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because its a hazard and in the rule book section 13-4, it says you cant touch the hazard with your club prior to hitting the ball.

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No, the only time you are allowed to ground your club in the bunker is when you are playing an actual shot. If you ground your club in the bunker prior to a stroke it is a two shot penalty.

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Q: Why can't you ground your club in a bunker?
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Are you allowed to ground your club in a bunker?

No, you are not allowed to ground your club in the bunker unless you are taking the actual stroke. If you ground the club in a practice swing or prior to taking the stroke it is a two shot penalty.

Can you ground club before playing tee shot?

yes, you can ground the club before you tee off the only time you can not ground your club is if you are in a bunker or hazard.

Can you ground your club if one foot is in a bunker but the ball is outside?


Can you ground your club in a hazard?

we believe that when in any hazard you are not allowed to groound your club and if you want to play the ball out of a hazard you are not allowed to touch any of the grass that grows in the hazard on your backswing

2 bunkers over grown with grass one is marked ground under repair the other is not ball is hit into the bunker without the sign how is that played?

I am not sure I understand the question in regards to the grass. If the first one is marked ground under repair you are entitled to relief, of one club length. The other one must be played as it lies, if this means the ball is in the bunker, you must not ground the club whether there sand or not.

If you are in the bunker and you are off balance before you swing can you ground your club to stop you from falling?

No, this is not possible. Well, you can do it but you will receive a penalty for grounding your club in the hazard. There is no space in the rules for such an allowance which would no doubt be abused by many players.

What is grounding a golf club?

When you 'ground' your club you have caused your golf club to come in contact with the ground or another substance such as water, sand or weeds. Generally speaking the subject of grounding a club centres around hazards where you are not permitted to touch the surface or the weeds that exist within an area marked as a hazard. If a player grounds their club in any of these examples they are penalized two strokes for doing so. If a player grounds their club on the putting surface and the ball moves - by gravity, wind or anything else - there is a penalty for this as well.

In which sport is there a bunker?

It is a strategically placed and shaped hole in the ground which is filled usually with sand. You cannot ground your club in it. says: It is not really a hole in the ground. It is a sand-filled depression in the ground, which, if your ball does into it, it is difficult to get out of. As the above answer correctly states, a player is not allowed to place their club into the sand, prior to hitting the ball. The technique to get the ball out of a bunker is to imagine that the ball is the yolk of a fried egg, and with the club (called a sand wedge), you try to slice up the entire "fried egg", meaning that you actually hit the sand in front of the ball, and not the ball itself. It is too difficult to describe actually! It is worth mention for golfers planning on playing in Russia, that the word 'bunker' there is extremely rude. It is a crude reference to the female genitalia.

What do you do when your ball rests on a rake in a sand trap?

No, you are not allowed to do so, you must not rake the bunker or smooth sand over with your feet, as this is deemed to be improved your stance or testing the ground conditions. You will get a two shot penalty for testing, if you do so.

How does a bunker buster bomb work?

The bunker buster bomb is a very large bomb that either blows up the bunker by exploding directly on top of it (if the bunker is at ground level), Or if the bunker is a few feet below ground, the bomb will go through the dirt and explode in the general area of the bunker and destroy it. The bunker bombs of today, that are dropped by the F-15E Eagle, are much more powerful than the bunker buster bombs that were dropped in WWII by the English Avro Lancaster bomber.

What are three sentences for the word bunker?

The bunker was split in half by the ground-busting bomb.Please make your way to the bunker, you have three minutes before the world ends.The golfer couldn't get the ball out the sand bunker.

What did Americans do when they didn't dig?

Using "sand bags" was 99% of bunker work. Unless shallowed out, sand bagged bunkers were often built level with the ground. The best bunkers though, WERE dug into the ground. Rockets & Artillery WILL destroy a sand bagged bunker, with one hit. A dug in the ground bunker, that's reinforced topside with sand bags will survive alittle bit better. The most secure bunker is dug into the ground...then side ways forming a tunnel, with earth on top of the bunker. Then sand bag the tunnel entrance when the rockets come. A direct hit on your bunker, would very probably be "survivable", built this way.