Why can't i play online on fifa?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: Why can't i play online on fifa?
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Why cant you play fifa 11 online on psp?


Can you play fifa 11 online on psp go?

no, you cant ,only ad hoc play

How can you play online matches in Fifa 11?

You cant play online in the demo and for the full game you have to have an xbox live or playstation network account to play

Can you play FIFA 05 online?

No online fifa only just started in fifa 06 it says on the CD *new first online fifa* or something like that

How old do you have to be to play fifa online?

How old fifa old name

Why is FIFA 11 so fake?

its a GAME and you cant play it!

Can you play fifa 11 ultimate team online?

u can only play it online

Can you play fifa 11 online on the ps2?

You can play online if you have a wired ethernet connection.

Can you play fut on fifa 11 with out online?


Can you play fifa 09 online on the ps2?


Where do you get FIFA 12 online pass free?

You should get the online pass at the back of your fifa 12 game but you cant get it free you would have to buy the game.

How do you play FIFA 12 online on wii?

There is no online for fifa 12 wii. rubbish i no. ea should be ashamed