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This is not true. Roberto Luongo was the captain of the Canucks for two seasons.However he was not allowed to wear the C on his jersey, nor cross the blue line to discuss calls with the officials.

The role of the Captain, apart from the obvious ones, like pumping up the team, or having the most experience, best player etc. Is that the Captain (And Assistant Captains) are the only ones who can approach and talk to the referee after a stoppage of play.

(Most likely to question a call, call a time out, ask for a review of a goal etc.) The Captain must stand outside of a painted half-circle in front of the timekeepers box to ask these questions. The timekeepers box is almost always at the center ice line.

Here's where it gets stupid. The rule is, that the Goalie, after a stoppage of play, should not cross the blue line of his own end, except to get equipment repairs or a shot of water at his own bench. This eliminates his ability to go over to the timekeepers bench to ask questions of the referee. This rule is hardly enforced anymore, but it's there. Hence, the Goalie is hardly adequate to fulfill his duties as an on-ice Captain.

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Anyone can become a captain/

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Q: Why can't NHL goalies become Team captain?
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