Why boxing is not good?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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because it hurts them

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Q: Why boxing is not good?
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What is a good boxing gym in Houston?

Go to and to "boxing"/ then Search: Boxing Gyms.

What is good about the sport boxing?

Nothing good comes out of boxing except fame and if you're good enough... Money.

Is swimming good for boxing?

I would say swimming is very good for boxing. First of all, swimming is great exercise which improves your health in general. If you are more healthy you may do better in boxing. So, yes I would say swimming is good for boxing. I AM NOT AN EXPERT

Where are some good boxing clubs in Edmonton?

West Edmonton Knights Boxing Club, The Avenue Boxing Club, Cougar Boxing Club, Panther Gym Boxing Club, Wind Warriors Boxing Club, Main Event Boxing Club

What are some good books on Boxing history?

When Boxing Was a Jewish Sport by Allen Bodner

How much money can be made by boxing in INDIA?

about 10,00 that's good for boxing :P

What are good things about boxing?


When did Good Friday fall on Boxing Day?

A horse called Good Friday fell at a race in Wolverhampton on Boxing Day in 1899.

Was Muhammad Ali to win the Olympic medal in boxing?

he was to win, because he is so good at boxing #.

Where are some good locations to find classic boxing memorabilia?

A good place to look for classic boxing memorabilia is Ebay. Lots of people sell such memorabilia on Ebay. Sport Memorabilia and Boxing Connections are other good sites to look at.

Can 12 year olds start boxing?

yes 14 is a good age to start boxing

Who is Mohmmad Ali?

a boxer i never seen him boxing but apparently he realy good (btw boxing is fighting)