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Boys and girls can, and do, play soccer together. Such teams are often called "co-ed" teams, and typically play against other co-ed or boys' teams. This is based on a history of competitive sport that shows boys tend to be more active than girls in playing them, using such reasoning as that boys are too rough, too strong, or too fast. In organized club play, there is also a concern about boys and girls (or men and women) sharing a locker room or shower facility.

In truth, many women and girls are quite competitive and skilled players, and can be said to belong on the team more than some of their male counterparts. But because of the logistical issues mentioned above, or some preconceived notions ofincomparableathleticism between the sexes, many organizations will have a "separate but equal" team for female players, which erases those concerns.

If a girl or woman is quite skilled in soccer or any other sport, she is highly encouraged to try out for the boys' team if the school or club will allow it (and you might be able to make a legal stink of things if they refuse). Most recreational clubs will be happy to give her the chance, bearing in mind the logistics. Women playing traditionally male-dominated sports is not meant to be easy, but can be very rewarding for the player and also for inspiring others to do so!

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Because boys claim that they're tougher than girls

But girls can be just as tough as boys

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It's for the girls own protection.

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they can

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Q: Why aren't girls allowed to play rugby at a certain age and boys can?
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