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I would humbly suggest that this question is sort of like asking "why aren't football and Rugby played the same way?" They are played differently because they are different sports.

Assuming you are talking about fast-pitch softball, it is interesting to ask, "why does fast-pitch softball exist as a sport?" Softball apologists suggest that it's just as hard to hit an underhand softball from the shorter distance than to hit an overhand Baseball from 60 feet 6 inches.

Why are they different? Because they have different rules. They are different games. Why did softball come about is another question. It's possible it hung around as a variant of baseball which originally dictated underhand pitching of the ball. The rules changed to allow overhand throws from the mound so perhaps some people kept playing with the original underhand rule and the game evolved from there.


The main reason for the differences in the rules is due to the size of the ball used. I think the most interesting thing to know would be, "Why is it that baseball is mainly designated for men and softball generally speaking is designated for women? (other then recreation leagues)

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The pitcher's mound is not elevated at all.

(if not professional league mound can be elevated)

mound is closer than baseball mound, also there is no grass in the infield

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no. different sized balls and bats field differences under hand pitching motion and all dirt infields

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Baseball is played with a smaller and harder ball than softball, hence the term SOFTball.

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Q: Why aren't baseball and softball played the same way?
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What is baseball and softball?

Baseball and softball are typically the same except baseball is usually played by boys, and softball is typically played with girls. The object of the game is to get as many points as possible. To get a point you must run around the bases once without being called out. You get out if someone catches or tags you with a ball.

Baseball versus softball?

They are practically the same. I've played both, the only difference is the pitching, the size of the ball, the size of the bats, and if you are playing for leagues or school then boys play baseball and girls play softball.

Is the dress for baseball and softball the same?

No its not. In baseball you wear longs tight pants and in softball you wear shorts.

Who controls softball?

umpire same as baseball

The fundamentals of softball are the same as the game?

A. Baseball

The fundamentals of softball are the same as this game?

A. Baseball

What are the similarities between baseball and softball?

Baseball and Softball are essentially the same thing. Except one is played with a larger, softer ball. There are many different rules*, but it essentially is the same thing. -Brett *I believe

When thrown by the same person which can be thrown farther a baseball or a softball?

A baseball can

Does a baseball or a softball goes further if you hit it from the same distance?

no, thethe gravity of a baseball is bigger than a softball's. so baseball has more friction than softball. hence, if you hit both of them from the same speed ,baseball will go further than softball.

Is there a difference between a baseball stitch and a herringbone stitch?

No there is not difference in the stitches of a baseball and softball. The softball is just larger, but the stitches are the same.

How is baseball different from softball?

softball has a bigger ball and despite its name, the official softball is the same hard as a baseball also, the ball is pitched underarm in softball

What are the infielders position for softball?

same as baseball but with a bigger ball