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because they are sensitive

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Q: Why are your nipples purple and why do they sting?
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Why would your nipples be purple sometimes?

Your cold, have weird nipples or your turning into a warewolf ;)

What is a purple nerple?

When a bully painfully twists your nipples.

When a person is ill with malaria he or she will do what?

scratch their balls till their nipples turn purple

What is the cause of having purplish nipples and bluish veins with a negative pregnancy test?

veins are naturally bluish, for the purple nipples.... consult a doctor!

Is it bad if a Jellyfish sting turns purple?

Yes it does, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Why does your prostate twitch?

Well....I have purple liquid flowing generously from my nipples and anal cavity what is the diagnosis for this pl

As a symptom of pregnancy your breast get sore exactly where does it hurts?

Mine personally were sore all over the place, just like before my period. My nipples were also sore, and hot once in a while. My friend said it felt like her nipples were being sting by bee's.

My nipples are dark some times purple could this mean im pregnant?

possibly.. take a pregnancy test for the best idea.

How does Aristotle's beliefs illustrate Greek humanism?

nipples. just nipples. only nipples. if there were no nipples, there would be no life. nipples are the reason that the world exists.

Were can stingrays sting you by there sting tail?

it is unposibe that sting could have a sting tail

After you lick your girlfriends nipples she says they sting but she says it feels really good when you do it why do they sting and can you prevent that so she will keep letting you?

I have never personally experienced a stinging feeling, it has always felt extremely amazing shall I say, maybe her nipples are oversensitive or a little .. the first lick very very soft wait till she asks for more the latter on your "off" times tell her to be some petroluem jelly to keep moist... just a few ideas I am not a doctor.

What is the German word for sting?

to sting: stechensting as in bee sting: Stich

Are there different nipples in men?

Yes we all have different nipples. Some people have traffic cone nipples, quarter nipples, dime nipples, and many many more :)

Do wasps bite or sting URGENT?

They sting they sting.

Why does a bee-sting sting?

because simply you have been stung and therfore a bee sting will sting. this is the same for a wasp sting, a wasp sting also stings if you have been stung.

Why would you feel sore nipples which have a purple centre and raised lumpssmell of things especially food makes you feel sicktireddizzyfaintpain in back and legsfeverurinating more?


How does a plasma works on a tv?

it works by sucking nipples, nipples, nipples.

What if your guinea pig has purple nipples?

You probably squeeze your guinea pig's nipples too much or too hard. They could be biting or scratching it themselves , if your guinea pig is male this is nothing too worry about but if it's female and you want to use it for breeding purposes then you should get it checked out.

Are dark purple nipples a sign of pregnancy?

when you become pregnant your body undergoes alot of different changes, including the breasts my nipples were like the question asked and sure enough it turned out i was 4 weeks pregnant. Same happened here! I noted it one morning because my nipples are normailly very light.... I found out the next day I was 5 week pregnant!

How many nibbles do dogs have?

Nipples. Not Nibbles. Nipples. A dog has eight to ten nipples.

Why would your nipples turn a bluish purple color all of a sudden if they always been a light pink?

Maybe you hit/bruised them or lost should get that checked out.

How can you prevent a bee or wasp sting?

sting it first, sting it in the teeth

Which is worse a wasp sting or a hover fly sting?

wasp sting

Why do you put milk on a bee sting?

You put milk on a bee sting because a bee sting is full of acid and by putting an alkali solution on the sting it neutralises the sting (balances it out) so the sting doesnt hurt.

Do roaches have nipples?

No they do not, nipples are not needed. Nipples are a feature of mammals, which suckle their young. Cockroaches are insects and do not suckle their young so they do not have nipples.