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When playing Golf you should have your knees bent in order to give you stability. If you have your knees straight you are robbing yourself of distance and stability. The flexed knees give you a firm base. Without flexed legs you would get blown over in the wind.

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You may be coming over the to which is throwing the club to the outside in the downswing, causing the ball to go left. To fix this slow your swing down and try to regroove it and get the correct positions. You may also be either pulling it which is where the ball starts going left at impact and continues to go straight left. Or you may be hooking the ball, which is where the ball curves severly to the left after impace. This is usually caused when a player gets too quick and turns their hands over prior to impact. To fix this you should slow down your swing and try and get the perfect timing to where you are turning your hands over through the ball. If you are a left handed golfer you are slicing the ball, or pushing it. Both these are caused by hanging back through impact or leaving the club face open as you strike the ball.

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Q: Why are your legs straight in a golf swing?
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