Why are you unable to accept defeat?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: Why are you unable to accept defeat?
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Why were Germans unable to defeat russia?

Because. That is the right answer.

What is a sentence for accept?

It is not acceptable to be unable to use acceptable in a sentence.

The genaral belisarius was unable to defeat the persion army?

yes,it is true

What does haiboku o ukeireru mean in Japanese?

To accept defeat

The Americans were unable to defeat the British in the South during the Revolutionary War.?


What period is it when a cell is unable to accept another stimulus?

refactory period

What is suffer defeat?

meaning that you lost everything, feeling despair and unable to face your loss

What was an important reason for defeat at goliad for the Texans?

Fannin was unable to make a decision and stick to it.

Should Israel give land to the Palestinians for peace?

if they are willing to accept defeat

Who was unable to defeat the Persian army?

It was the General Belisarius of course not i dont know :D ;D

Why was Jefferson Davis blamed by many for the Confederate defeat?

He was out of his depth, unable to control his cabinet or his Generals.

Which Hebrew king was able to unite the Israelites but was unable to decisively defeat the Philistines?

King Saul.