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to save money

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Q: Why are we Cutting high school athletics?
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What is the motto of Bismarck High School?

Bismarck High School's motto is 'Excellence in Academics and Athletics'.

Benefits of high school athletic rograms?

the benefits of high school athletics programs are they are great for your college application, you have fun doing them, and you have a wide choice of sports and athletics to choose from

What is the motto of Louisiana High School Athletic Association?

Louisiana High School Athletic Association's motto is 'High School Athletics - The Master Teacher of Values'.

What is South Plainfield High School's motto?

South Plainfield High School's motto is 'Academics, Athletics, Arts'.

What is Omaha Bryan High School's motto?

The motto of Omaha Bryan High School is 'Academics, Activities, and Athletics'.

What is Palisade High School's motto?

The motto of Palisade High School is 'Seeking excellence in academics, activities, and athletics'.

What is the motto of Ocean Springs High School?

Ocean Springs High School's motto is 'Arts, Academics, Athletics'.

Can you be in athletics in high school if you were not in junior high or will you not know what to do in high school athletics?

yes you can! high schools offer many many different sport opportunities for you that ANYBODY should take, regardless of any previous sport experiences. try any summer sport programs that the school may offer.

What is Buford High School's motto?

The motto of Buford High School is 'AAA Excellence: Excellence in Academics, Athletics, and the Arts'.

Why are high school athletics unfair?

Politics Politics Politics

How can the word athletics be used in a sentence?

There are many types of athletics at my high school.

What is the motto of Alpharetta High School?

Alpharetta High School's motto is 'To be nationally competitive in academics, the arts, athletics, and service to the community'.

Where did LeBron James attend high school?

LeBron James has attended school at St Vincent's - St Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. It is a school with a high focus on athletics and sport activities.

Why high school students do in cutting classes?

why many student cutting class in math

Which high school is better wise high school or flowers high school?

Wise High School is better than flowers overall in everything, better academics, better athletics, best shoe game, and best females

What is max age limit for high school athletics in Wisconsin?

it is 35

What is maximum age limit for high school athletics in pa?


What was Jackie Robinsons level of education?

He graduated from elementary school jr. high and high school. he received an athletics scholar ship to ucla.

What is the motto of Fairview High School Pennsylvania?

Fairview High School - Pennsylvania -'s motto is 'Developing the student in academics, athletics, and arts'.

How do you use the word collegiate in a sentence?

"Collegiate level athletics seem more competitive than high school level athletics."

What is Colorado High School Activities Association's motto?

The motto of Colorado High School Activities Association is 'Seeking excellence in academics, activities, and athletics'.

What is the biggest sporting event for a teenager?

Olympics, College, High School Athletics!

How do you get into the athletics in Monster High?

you have to wait til September cuz that's when school starts so that when athletics and the other locked one will open.

What is the fastest 400 meter time in high school?

well, relative to the results that we had in our high school athletics meet, the fastest time recorded is 47.47seconds in 2009.

Where can one find information about Folsom High School?

One can find information about Folsom High School by going to the FCUSD website. The website has information about admissions, athletics, and other school programs.