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The Cowboys played their first 12 NFL seasons (1960-1971) at the Cotton Bowl in Dallas.

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Q: Why are they called the Dallas cowboys if they have never had a stadium in Dallas?
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What is the only team the Dallas Cowboys have never defeated?

The Dallas Cowboys never beaten the Baltimore Ravens in four attempts.

When did big-bad bob young play for the nfl Dallas Cowboys?

He never played for the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles at the veteran stadium in 1989?

The Eagles defeated the Dallas Cowboys on this date, but of more interest was the fact that a day or so prior to the game snow had fallen in Philadelphia. The stadium seating area was never cleared, and during the game fans took this opportunity to throw hundreds of snowballs at the Dallas players and coaches.

Did the Dallas Cowboys ever go undefeated?

No, the Cowboys have never gone undefeated.

Who was the Dallas Cowboys kicker number 59?

No. 59 has only been worn by Dallas Cowboys linebackers, never by a kicker.

What was the original name for cowboys?

the dallas texans ==== That is not correct. The first official name of the current Dallas Cowboys was the Dallas Rangers. That conflicted with a minor league baseball team in the area, so they were renamed the Cowboys. Some say that they were to be called the Dallas Steers but I've never found a credible source for that story.

How many times have the cowboys been undefeated?

The Dallas Cowboys have never had an undefeated season.

Was the super bowl ever played in Arlington Texas in the past?

Prior to Super Bowl XLV in February, 2011, there was no football stadium in Arlington, Texas. The Dallas Cowboys completed the new "Cowboys Stadium" in 2009 to replace the aging Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas, which had been built in 1971 and was torn down in 2010. The Dallas area had never hosted a Super Bowl.

Was Bret Romero ever on the Dallas Cowboys roster?

No. The Dallas Cowboys have never had a player named Romero on their regular-season roster.

What female owned Dallas Cowboys?

There never was a female owner

What has never changed on Dallas Cowboys uniform?

Star on helmet

Did dallas cowboys lose 15 games in a row?


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