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They are not called "the new york football jets" by anyone else but Chris Berman. The Giants were called "the new york football giants" to distinguish them from the former new york Baseball team (now in SF)... Its a joke that Chris Berman uses, as obviously there is no "new york baseball jets" or any other sport for that matter.

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Q: Why are they called new york football jets?
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What football team is 747s?

That would be the New York Jets.

What football team is named jets?

The new york jets.

What professional football team is 747s?

The New York Jets.

What is tom cruise's favorite football team?

New York Jets

Who are the New York Jets football players?

Click on the link below to see the New York Jets current roster.

What state is the NFL team jets from?

New York. They are called the New York Jets.

New york titans football teams new name?

they were renamed the new york jets

Are the jets from New York?

The football team is, but the hockey team Jets are from Winnipeg, Canada.

What is the state football team for New York?

Only the Buffalo Bills play in New York State, but most people consider the NY Giants and NY Jets to be NYC football teams.

What pro football team is nickname 747s?

The New York Jets are nicknamed the 747s. The 747 is a type of jet.

What was the new name of the New York titans football league?

The Titans franchise of the American Football League was renamed the New York Jets.

Tell you a football team Beginning with j?

New York Jets