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the stickers come on to let you know the brand the kind of bat and make it look fancy some people though get specially made bats and choose to have no stickers on them

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Q: Why are there sometimes no stickers on cricket bats?
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Is it true that the big cricket manufacturers only pay the pro's to put the stickers on their bats and that the cricketers use Bradbury bats?


How do you put stickers on a cricket bat?

There are a couple of places where someone can find cricket bat stickers online. The best place to check out would have to be Alibaba, Amazon, and Ebay.

Can you restick the stickers that come on your cricket bat My Sommers X black edition cricket bat has stickers that have air bubbles etc. in them and look tacky Any ideas?

When trying to reattach stickers that come on your cricket bat, try smoothing the sticker out with a credit card to eliminate bubbles the appear under the sticker.

Are Kashmir cricket bats real bats?

No. They are bats for the game cricket. Not living breathing bats.

From which tree ss cricket bats are made?

cricket bats are made from willow

How do you make cricket bats in home?


Do cricket bats grow on willow trees?

No , but most cricket bats are made from willow

What bat does ricky ponting use?

He uses SS bats but he puts woodworm stickers on for sponsership

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Is mulbery tree is used for making cricket bats?

No. Cricket bats are made from willow and cane wood.

What do cricket hard ball bats need to be made from?

Cricket Bats are made from wood of the Willow tree.

Who makes BAS Vampire cricket bats?

The maker of BAS Vampire cricket bats is BAS (Beat All Sports). This company makes quality cricket equipment like gloves and bats.