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The hamstring is the main muscle you use to run. It's more common to had an injury.

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Q: Why are there so many hamstring injuries in the NFL?
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What are the most prevalent hip injuries associated with running?

The types of injuries that a jogger will usually encounter is Hip Bursitis, Pulled Hamstring, etc. They are the most common and sometimes the most painful so make sure that you are healthy!

How strong should your hamstring be?

your hamstring should be as strong as your quad so that the force exerteted on the leg will be equal to both muscles

How can you shrink your thighs fast?

By doing exercises you can shrink your thighs as early as possible, in exercises cardio is the good choice to you. In cardio especially lungs and hamstring work well to reduce weight of legs. If you haven't any about lungs and hamstring, you can google for these exercise videos; you will have found so many videos regarding lungs and hamstring.

What is a good way to treat hamstring pain in runners?

A good way to treat hamstring pain in runners is using night splints. You wear them while you're asleep so they don't affect your daily routine but you get the benefit of the hamstring healing.

Can pulling a hamstring cause bruising?

I doubt very much if pulling your hamstring causes bruising, because bruising is bleeding under your skin, so if it's bruised you should get that checked.

Why is skilled workers necessary?

If there weren't skilled workers then there would be a lot of on the job injuries and so many law suits

if i tore my hamstring while in iraq and the military didnt do anything for it but say it was nothing and now i have a hole in my leg and lifelong problems can i make this a law suit?

in regards to your injuries youneed to contact va and request to open a appeal on all your injuries request a va represtintive for your caae request all medical files military,civilan and photoccopy as proof of injuries in your line of duty in the military they are required to compensate you for all injuries vital to you. it,s a lot of red tape but you sacrificed so much As a matter of law, no one is allowed to sue the Government, even if they made a mistake in misdiagnosing your injury, but you are allowed to get an independent evaluation from a doctor and submitting this information to the military yourself, through outside counsel or veterans groups, requesting they (Government), reconsider their previous position and proceed with treating the hamstring, as well as reimbursing you for medical expenses.

How does the hamstring muscle group move the leg?

so that it helps the legs move better

How many soccer injuries are there in America?

A lot. u cant find the exact number cuz there are many soccer players who get hurt everyday, so u cant find the exact # of injuries in America.

Is there more than one NFL team if so how many are there?


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Play so many games in a year

How many people enter the NFL?

It depads if the NFL player what to retier then they need a replasement so you don't know if a player is gone or not.