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Essentially, there are a large number of games in a Major League Baseball season for three reasons:

  1. the sport does not cause much wear for bodies since the playing arenas are relatively soft and even when grassed the rooting density is likely to be low. There is also relatively little physical wear caused by contact with the ground since even outfielders seldom have to leap to take a ball. Pitchers, who consistently hit the plate hard when pitching, experience most wear and therefore play less than other fieldsmen
  2. there needs to be a large number of matches to determine which teams are best since one match of nine innings can be strongly influenced by luck due to a slight miss which can turn a strike into a ball or cause a runner to reach base. As an illustrative comparison, one game of Australian Rules football reveals as much skill as fourteen Baseball games, so that if MLB played only 20 games as most Australian football leagues do, it would be very easy for a bad team to come out on top
  3. because baseball, with its small ball and long hits, does not play as well on television as gridiron football or Basketball, a greater number of matches are needed to gain the required revenue from attendances.
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Q: Why are there so many games played in a major league baseball season?
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What seasons in the US are Major League Baseball games played in?

Major League Baseball has a season that begins in the Spring, runs through the Summer and ends in the Fall. The last games of the season are the World Series games. They normally end by mid October.

How many baseball games are played in an American League season?

Each team plays 162 regular season games, and then the Phillies win the World Series

How many MLB games are played each year?

Major League baseball teams play a 162 game season.

How many games were played in a season prior to 1961 by major league baseball?

One hundred and fifty four.

What is the longest hitting streak in major league baseball this season?

For the 2009 season, through games played on May 2 that is 21 games by Ryan Zimmerman of the Washington Nationals.

How many games does major league baseball season have?


How many baseball games in a regular season?

There are a total of 162 games for each Major League Baseball team during the Regular Season.

Are there any baseball games in September?

Yes, there are baseball games in September. Major League Baseball plays regular season games all the way into the first week of October. The playoffs are played in October with the World Series ending in November. There are also fall league baseball games played in the month of September. This includes the MLB fall league, college fall leagues and high school fall leagues.

How many major league baseball games were played in 1934?

The regular season was 154 games in 1934. A maximum total of 1232 games would have been played by all teams combined that year.

How many regular season games are in a major league baseball season?

There are 162 games in a team's regular season.

How many games are on a major league baseball season schedule?


How long is the Major League Baseball regular season?

162 games