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some rules in Basketball are substitutions during the 4 minute periods may only be during a time out.the offensive team must cross center in 10 seconds or they forfeit the are not aloud to travel that is when your walking around without dribbling.fouls are called for the following situations:offensive charging,offensive or defensive holding,interference,moving screens or blocks.a set shot is when you must shoot from the foul line. if your foot goes over the line or you jump over the line it will not count.a layup counts only if the person jumps,lays the ball in ,the ball hits the back board and scores.WHY ARE THEIR RULES?i think their are rules because it wouldn't be a real game if you could just take the ball wherever you want like their wouldn't be any national buisnesess for basketball if their werent any goals because it could be a never ending game and if their were no rules it wouldn't be anything like basketball today.

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Q: Why are there rules in basketball and what are all of them?
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