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North and South America are combined.

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Q: Why are there only five Olympic rings when there are 6 continents which compete in the games?
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What do the five Olympic rings repercent?

The five continents in the games

Why are the 5 Olympic rings interlocking?

The 5 coloured Olympic rings represent the 5 continents of the world, and are interlocking to show how the 5 continents join together for the Olympic games.

Why are the five rings interlocked on the Olympic symbol?

The five rings are interlocked to represent the 5 continents that come together to compete in the Olympics.

What countries the rings of the olympic games represent?

Rings do not represent the countries. Rings depict the five continents taking part in the olympic movement.

When did the olympic rings come out?

The olympic rings came out in 1913 by Baron Pierre de Coubertin who is also the founder of the modern Olympic Games. These rings represent the five continents.

What is the symbol of olympic games and what does it represent?

Joining rings and it symbolizes united continents.

Why is there a colour of the Olympic rings on the flag of each continents?

Becaus the olympic rings represent the continents joing togerther

What do the olympic rings singnify?

The rings symbolise the continents.

What do the rings on the Olympic rings represent?

The five Olympic rings represent the 5 continents represented.

What do the 6 rings in the Olympic symbol stand for?

The five Olympic rings represent the five continents in the world 5 continents, 5 rings actually

What does yellow stand for in the Olympic rings?

The colors of the rings in the Olympic flag do not represent any continent or country. The colors represent the colors found in the flags of the nations that compete in the Olympic Games.

Do the olympic rings represent faster farthest strongest etc?

No. The five rings on the Olympic flag represent the 5 continents from which athletes come to particpate in the games.

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