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So "interleague play" isn't daily and every team can play a game. Otherwise, there would either be one team from each league that doesn't play or an odd number of interleague games would occur.

There are 30 teams. If the two leagues were equal, they would each have an odd number of teams. Then you would have to have at least one interleague series going on at any given time, which would make scheduling a nightmare.


The above s are good in theory, however, the NL has 16 teams and the AL teams have 14 teams because in 1998 the Milwaukee Brewers agreed to move from the AL Central to the NL Central so each team league wouldn't have 15 teams, causing 1 team to have to be idle every day, extending out the season and making travel and scheduling much more difficult. Before 1998 which is when the addition of the Arizona Diamondbacks to the NL and Tampa Bay Rays to the AL took place, each league had 14 teams, and this wasnt a problem. The move of the Brewers had nothing to do with "interleague play", as "interleague play started in 1997 and the change took place in 1998.

Actually the change had everything to do with interleague play. With 15 teams in each league, there would have had to have been at least one interleague series going on at all times. MLB didn't want that. They only wanted interleague to happen during the middle of the season. The fact that interleague play had already started is irrelevant.

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Q: Why are there more teams in the National League than the American League?
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How many teams are in the National League?

There are 16 teams in the National League and 14 in the American League. Both leagues are divided into three divisions. The National League has five teams each in the East and West Divisions and six teams in the Central Division. The American League has five teams each in the East and Central Divisions and four teams in the West Division. It seems to make more sense to move one of the National League team, probably Milwaukee that was in the American League, back to the AL and even up the leagues with 15 teams in each league and five teams in each division.

How many teams in American football?

In the National Football League (The main football league in the United States) there are 32 teams. There are more teams if you include the smaller football leagues in the United States.

Have there ever been more than 30 teams in the MLB?

not counting the American and national league all-stars, no.

What baseball league has had more World Series champions?

As of the 2010 World Series, American League teams have claimed 62 world championships, while National League clubs have won 43.

Who has won more Major League Baseball all-star games National or American league.?

The National league (43 wins) has won more MLB all star games than the American League (38.) - as of 2012

How many undefeated teams are there in the NFL teams so far this season?

There are no more undefeated teams left in the National Football League during the 2010-2011 season

Who has more wins in the All-Star game the American League or the National League?

After the 2012 All-Star Game, the all-time record is National League 43, American League 38, 2 ties

Which league has more World Series wins?

The American League has 61 World Series titles, and the National League 43.

When was national football league invented?

It wasn't invented it was founded silly... but it originated from the a.f.l. The american football league. in 1920 first team was the San Francisco 49 .they played college teams in playoffs,only them.and their whole team was Negroes so it made them special to the a.f.l and soon after more teams came to the a.f.l, too many to for one league. So they put some teams into the n.f.l.and some in the a.f.l and now american football league is now arena football league. enjoy the knowledge!!

When did the last negro baseball league closed?

The Negro National League disbanded after the 1949 season. The Negro American League continued playing games until 1958, but were barely a minor league. Schedules became increasingly erratic, and the teams were more a group of independent barn-stormers than part of a league.

Who has won more World Series Al or nl?

American LeagueThe American League has won 61 World Series titles the National League 43.

What city has more than one national league baseball team?

New York did have 2 teams until 1957. In 1958 the Giants and Dodgers both left. Since then, no two teams from the same league share a city.

Which league has won the most World Series wins?

As of 2010 The National Leagues Giants won the last WS) the American League won 62 World Series titles. The National League won 44 World Series titles, though the Yankees have 27 of those American league wins if you were to subtract the Yankees(A power house team since forever who by chance happens to be an American league team) 27 wins the National League would have 8 more World Series wins than the American league.

What were the first teams in Major League Baseball?

The first league that is now considered a "major" league was the "National League," founded in 1876. The "National Association" that operated between 1871 and 1875 is not considered by a majority of historians to have been "major," although it did consist of the best teams of its time. The problem is that the "league" had no central authority on scheduling, location of teams, or even rules -- it was more like a group of teams that would play exhibition games whenever it suited their fancy. The original teams of the NL were located in the cities of Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Hartford, New York, Saint Louis, Cincinati, and Louisville.

How many downs in the American Football League?

The American Football League does not exist any more. What used to be the AFL merged into the National Football League and is now known as the American Football Conference. Regardless, there are 4 downs in which to gain 10 yards.

Is Wales national football team different from England national team?

The three Great Britain countries have their own teams. The England, Wales, and Scotland football teams are all different. Most players from all teams play club football in England but all have separate national teams. --As does Northern Ireland (ie the four UK countries have their own football teams). The English football league is the dominant league system, followed by Scotland's SPL. Wales focuses more on Rugby, and their best teams play in the English league (currently Cardiff, Swansea and Wrexham) as the Welsh league is not strong enough for them. Northern Ireland has its own league, but the best Northern Irish players usually play in the English or Scottish league, or outside fo the British Isles (though none of its teams play in England).

How many minor league teams do MLB have?

The answer varies, as some teams have more than others. Generally, each team has five main minor league teams: AAA, AA, A Plus, A, and Short-Season A. Some teams also have multiple Rookie League teams.

Who was the first team of the national football League?

The National Football League was the idea of legendary athlete Jim Thorpe and Leo Lyons. Lyons started in his home state of New York, challenging a handful of professional teams in Buffalo to a championship in 1919; the Buffalo Prospects took the challenge and won.On August 1920 in Canton, OH that the league was formalized as the American Professional Football Conference. A month later the league was renamed the American Professional Football Association, adding Buffalo and Rochester from the New York league, Detroit, Hammond, and several other teams from nearby circuits. Only four of the founding teams finished the 1920 schedule and the undefeated Akron Pros claimed the first championship.Membership of the league increased to 22 teams (including more of the New York teams) in 1921, but throughout the 1920s the membership was unstable and the league was not a major national sport. On June 24, 1922, the organization changed its title a final time to the National Football League.Two charter members, the Chicago Cardinals (The AZ Cardinals) and the Decatur Staleys (The Chicago Bears), are still in existence.

How many interleague games does each team in ML play?

Every American League team is scheduled to play 18 interleague games. Since there are two more National League teams than American League teams, during interleague play, 2 NL teams must play each other. 18 interleague games means 6 series. So, 12 teams from the NL will play another team from the NL for 1 series out of the 6 that are played. With 16 teams in the NL, 4 will play all 6 series. So, to answer your question, every AL team and 4 NL teams are scheduled to play 18 interleague games, and the remaining 12 NL teams are scheduled to play 15 interleague games.

What is the difference between the American League and the National League?

The National League dates back to 1876. The American League was formed in 1901 as a competitor to the National League. Initially, the two leagues were independent of each other--there was no Major League Baseball. The two leagues met in the first World Series in 1903. From 1903 through 1960, each league had 8 teams, and the team that finished first in the standings in each league went to the World Series, except in 1904 when the Giants refused to participate in the Series. The World Series games were the only official games played between teams from the two leagues. The leagues also began playing each other in All Star games starting in 1933. The AL expanded to 10 teams in 1961 (Senators II who are now the Rangers and Angels) and the NL expanded to 10 in 1962 (New York Mets and Houston Colt .45s who are now the Astros.) In 1969, both leagues expanded to 12 teams as the AL added the Seattle Pilots (now the Milwaukee Brewers) and the Kansas City Royals while the NL added the San Diego Padres and the Montreal Expos (now the Washington Nationals.) Also, each league split into an East and West division and had the winners of its divisions play in a League Championshp Series to determine its representative to the World Series. In 1973, the AL adopted the Designnated Hitter while the NL did not. In 1977, the AL went to 14 teams by adding the Seattle Mariners and the Toronto Blue Jays. In 1993, the NL went to 14 teams by adding the Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies. In 1998, both leagues expanded again with Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the AL and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the NL. To keep an even number of teams in both leagues, the Milwaukee Brewers moved from the AL to the NL, giving the NL 16 teams to the AL's 14. This was the first time the NL had more teams than the AL. The leagues had separate league offices and umpiring crews until a few years ago. Now, the basic difference between the two leagues is the AL uses the designated hitter and the NL does not. The umpiring crews are consolidated under Major League Baseball and the league offices are no longer in existence.The AL has a designated hitter bat for the pitcher, but the NL has the pitcher bat for himself.The National League is the older of the two leagues constituting Major League Baseball. The League was founded in 1876. The American League was founded in 1900. The league originated from the National Association of Baseball (NA), which was the prevailing professional baseball league at the time.In 1900, a new league - the American League - was formed. The American League was well aware of the previous double-crossing tactics of the National League, and geared up for battle. The American League was successful in raiding National League stars. The newer league proved to be a better organized, better financed, and more determined than previous league rivals. The more established National League was forced to cooperate, and in 1903, the return to a two-league format allowed the resumption of postseason play with the World Series of 1903.Today the National League game still resembles the game as it was a century ago. The biggest difference between the two leagues is that the National League remained with the rule that the pitcher must be in the batting lineup. The American League adopted the Designated Hitter (DH) to fill in for the pitcher in the 1970s. This DH rule has led to differences in the style of play between the two leagues. The American League is generally more based upon power � with emphasis on the home run, while the National League is said to be more pitching-oriented, with more of a focus on an offensive running.Baseball [in the two leagues] is two different games, played with two different sets of rules," Buck said with an infectious smile. "The DH. It makes such a difference. It's phenomenal. "And the American League has these little tiny ballparks. It's like home run derby over there."The conversation then shifted to the subject of the strike zones in the two leagues."If you think strike zones are tight [in the National League]...well, in the American League, [umpires] won't call big name hitters out on called third strikes," Buck opined. "The umpires in the American League are more inconsistent. They are unwilling to call your Griffeys and your McGwires out on third strikes. It's a different game."

When did the first American national government more a league of states than a real government go into effect?


How many national soccer teams are there in 2010?

There are approximately 200 national teams (and this year just a few more than that were listed).

In which league do the soccer teams Genoa and Milan play?

The league that the soccer teams Geona and Milan play is called the Seria A league. One can learn more about the teams of Geona and Milan at popular on the web sources such as Yahoo! Sports.

Has a baseball team ever win more than 100 games?

Many major league teams have won 100 games in a season. The most wins ever in the National League was 116 by the 1906 Chicago Cubs and the most in the American League was 111 by the Cleveland Indians in 1954. The last team to win 100 games was the Philadelphia Phillies with 102 in 2011.

How many latin Americans soccer teams are there?

There were eight South American football teams that qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2014. There were another seven national teams that did not make it and hundreds more. Soccer is a major sport in Latin America.

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