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A green dot on a helment means that, that player has a radio receiver in their helmet. One offensive player and one defensive player from each team may have a green dot. It gives them one way communication with the coach before each play.

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Q: Why are the quarterbacks the only players with a green dot on their helmets in the NFL?
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What are the colored dots on the back of NFL players helmets?

It means that the helmet with the green dot has the radio equipment in it and only the QB may have that.

Radio receivers for football helmets?

Yes, but only quarterbacks and one select team leader on the defense can have one.

What players besides the quarterback can have wired helmets in the NFL?

Wiring is only for the QB.

What are the green stickers on the QB helmets for?

Don't know for certain, but I was told that the helmets with the green stickers were those with radio communications. And since the NFL would only allow one of those helmets at a time on the field, they designated them with a green sticker.

Are college players allowed radio helmets?

Yes, college players are allowed radio helmets. However, there is only one radio helmet allowed on the field per team during a game.

What does the circle on the back of NFL helmets represent?

The green circle means Radio Equipment installed. prior to 2008 only Quaterbacks. But starting in 2008 certain defensive players also have it.

What is a professional baseball team that wears red helmets?

Professional baseball teams only wear helmets when batting and they don't have designated colors. Several baseball players wear red helmets when batting.

Do nfl players get new helmets every game?

Yes, not only for aesthetic but also safety purposes.

Do any NFL players wear Schutt air advantage Helmets?

Yes, they do but it is only because they want to.

Do NFL players have speakers in their helmets?

Yes, but only the QB on offense, and the defensive captain, which is typically the middle linebacker.

What NFL players wear radios in their helmets?

In the NFL as of the 2007 season, only the quarterback is allowed to have a listening device in their helmet.

In the NFL are players only required to wear helmet and shoulder pads?

Yes, I play football at the Pro level and there are many skilled position players as well as special teams players that only wear shoulder pads and helmets.. In practice we sometimes only wear shoulder pads and helmets we call it pro-pads we also wear this during training camp a lot and when we are not going to hit full speed.

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