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Q: Why are the leaves curling onmoney tree plant?
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What plant have hard leaves?

I think baobab tree have hard leaves.

Why does an Angsana tree have a thicker stem than a bougainvillea plant?

the angsana is a tree which will have more leaves than a plant. A thicker stem is stonger than a thinner one

Why are my jade plant leaves falling off?

Why are my leaves on jade tree falling off

If a tree has needlelike leaves what kind of plant would you hypothesize it is?

the tree would be a pine tree because pine trees have needlelike leaves

What is a plant that loses its leaves each year?

a deciduous plant or tree

What kind of tree has leaves that look like a marijuana plant?

the Japanese maple tree has leaves that look alot like the marijuana plant in shape, but they can have a slight red tint to them.

How are the structures of a tree's roots and leaves well suited for their roles in supplying the tree with water and sugar?

The roots and leaves are adapted to fit the tree's/plant's needs.

Tell how the spines on an octopus tree help the plant's leaves keep the water they need?

Tell how the spines on an octopus tree help the plant's leaves keep the water they need?

How many leaves are in a bundle?

depends on the type of tree/plant -Akilae

What is the function of a tree trunk?

To get the plant's own leaves above other plant's leaves. It's all competition.

What plant part supports the leaves branches of a tree?

The Stem.

What part of the tree makes food?

The part of the plant that makes the food for the whole plant is the leaves.

Why are my Royal empress tree leaves curling?

This is a junk tree (potentially invasive depending upon your region) that you should seriously consider removing from your site. Check out the USDA site for more info.

What is an example of a plant with simple leaves?

Mango tree has simple leaves. A simple leaf is not divided into leaflets.

How the spines on an octopus tree help the plan's leaves keep the water they need?

how the spines on an octopus tree help the plant's leaves keep the water they need?

How leaves cool the tree?

leaf of a tree have water on them always and when evaporation takes place it will cool the plant

Which plant have large leaves but no flowers?

pine tree

What eats the leaves of a rubber tree plant?

Caterpillars, millipedes, insects

What kinds of plant does a giraffe eat?

Giraffes eat tree leaves.

What are the functions of a dandelion plant petals?

Photosynthesis - same as tree leaves.

How does the spines of the octopus tree help the plant's leaves keep the water they need?

the roots

Can leaves shade a plant?

Along with the branches of a tree the leaves represent a big portion of the shade that trees provide.

Any sentences with leaves?

The LEAVES on the tree contain chlorophyll and help the plant to produce food through photosynthesis

What is the advantage of having small leaves?

An advantage of a plant or tree having small leaves is not needing much water.

How nutrients in the tree are recycled in the deciduous forest ecosystem?

The leaves fall off the tree. The leaves are then decomposed by bacteria. The nutrients ruturn to the soil just like how you would plant a tree yourself. A new tree will start to grow.