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The team is named after the Canadian flag, which has a Maple Leaf on it. The nickname "The Buds" fits because leaves on trees come from buds! Many leaf fans refer to their team as "the leafs"

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Q: Why are the leafs called the buds?
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What is the Toronto hockey team nickname?

Many refer to the Toronto Maple Leafs as the "Leafs". There other nickname are the "Buds" but not too many leaf fans call them that

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Name 5 nicknames of Canadian Hockey teams?

Montreal Canadians - Habs Ottawa Senators - Sens Toronto Maple Leafs - Leafs or Buds Calgary Flames - Flames Vancouver Canucks - Nucks

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Who owns the leafs?

The Toronto Maple Leafs are owned by a limited partnership called Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment.

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What is torontos hockey team called?

toronto maple leafs

What is the term for the point on a plant stem from which leaves grow?

Leaves develop from buds. A bud that grows out from an existing stem is called an axillary bud (buds that are at the tip of a developing stem are called terminal buds). The point of attachment between the stem and the petiole (the leaf stalk) is called a node.

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