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All teams are just called by their name. If you look at Baseball standings or pratically anything teams are called by their actual name not the place they come from. The New York Mets are called the Mets The Houston Astros are called the Astros All teams are called by their actual name not the place ---- One story has it that they changed their primary uniform color from brown to cardinal red starting in the 1900 season.

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Q: Why are the Saint Louis cardinals called the cardinals?
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When did the cardinals baseball team move to St. Louis?

The Saint Louis Cardinals was founded in 1882 in Saint Louis, Mo are were called the "Brown Stockings". In 1899 They change their name to the "Perfectos" For one year before adopting the "Cardinals" in 1900.

What is Saint Louis cardinals stadium called?

Busch Stadium

What is the baseball home team for Saint Louis?

The St Louis Cardinals

Does jimmy hill of the Saint Louis cardinals reside in Saint Louis?

Yes Mr. Hill does live in STL

Who plays first base for the St. Louis Cardinals?

Albert Pujols plays first base for the Saint Louis Cardinals.

What letters are on a cardinals cap?

stl (Saint Louis Cardinals)

How many rings does Saint Louis Cardinals have?


Who did Saint Louis cardinals beat in 2006?

The Cardinals beat the Detroit Tigers in 5 games

Will the Saint Louis Cardinals make the playoffs in 2011?

yes the cardinals will make the playoffs in 2011

Are the Saint Louis cardinals the best team in the baseball lage?


Who is number 3 on the Saint Louis cardinals?

felipe Lopez

Who wore 5 for Saint Louis cardinals?

Albert pujols

Were did the saint Louis cardinals get their name?

form the state brid

Who is the 2000 player to play for the Saint Louis Cardinals?

trevor rosenthal

Who on the Saint Louis Cardinals team was nicknamed 'The Wizard'?

Ozzie Smith

Who is second with World Series rings?

The saint Louis cardinals with 11.

What year did the Saint Louis cardinals become a baseball team?


What two brothers became pitchers of the Saint Louis Cardinals?

In 1934, Daffy Dean joined his brother Dizzy Dean on the pitching staff of the St. Louis Cardinals.

How many games have St. Louis Cardinals won in their history?

The Saint Louis Cardinals have won a total of 10,418 games over their history. This includes when they were the Brown Stockings, and then the Browns before they officially became the Cardinals.

Matt Holiday Introduction Song for the Saint Louis Cardinals?

Chicken Fried

How much championships does the Saint Louis cardinals have?

We have won 10 World Series

What is the shortest game ever?

Saint Louis Cardinals vs. Houston Astros

What sports teams are called the Cardinals?

There are the Arizona Cardinals (NFL), the St. Louis Cardinals (MLB)

What were the Arizona Cardinals called before they were called the Cardinals?

St Louis Cardnials 1960-1987 Chicago Cardinals 1898-1959

Which team won game 2 of the 2013 World Series?

The Saint Louis Cardinals