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First, in keeping with the tradition of the Olympics, they are to be held every four years. The term Olympiad is based off of ancient Greek meaning every 4 or 4th year. Second, costs. It takes 20-30 billion dollars to go from initiating the bid for the Games until time to close up shop after the Games are held. Third, time. From the time for a city to state its interest in hosting the Games until the Closing Ceremony, it is roughly 10 years.

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Q: Why are the Olympic Winter games held every 4 years instead of every year?
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Why are the Olympic games and the Olympic winter games on different years?

Ever since the olympic games were every 4 years, so were the olympic winter games, and they probably started out in different years so they will always be that way.

How many games and events are at the summer and winter olympic games?

Every $ years.

How much rest do Olympics get?

The Summer Modern Olympic Games occur every four years since 1896. The Winter Modern Olympic Games also occur every four years since 1924. So, since there were Summer Olympic Games in 2008, there will be Winter Olympic Games in 2010, and more Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

How often are the Winter Olympic Games held?

Every 4 years.

Is Mexico in the WOG?

I guess you mean Winter Olympic Games. Yes, Mexico has a team participating every Olympic Games.

How many Olympic games are played in 2008?

One, the Summer Olympics. There is one Olympic Games played every two years. The Winter Olympic will occur in 2010, the Summer Games again in 2012, the Winter Games again in 2014.

What is the only country to have sent a team to every summer and every Winter Olympic Games?


When was Winter Olympic Games created?

Winter Olympic Games was created in 1924.

How often is the olympic games?

The Olympics are held every four years. However the Summer and Winter Olympics are not held in the same year. There is a two year gap between the Summer and Winter Olympics. There are Summer Olympic games in 2012 and 2016 and 2020 and every four years after that. There are Winter Olympics games in 2014, 2018, 2022 and every four years after that.

Does Canada participated in every winter Olympic games?

Yes, Canada has participated in every Winter Olympics. Counting the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, that is 21 Winter Olympics that Canada has been represented in.

Is 2012 the year for Olympics games?

yes! every year take 2012 for example if its divisable by 2 then its the year of an olympic games either winter olympic games or summer olympic games!

Who orgaises the Olympics?

The "International Olympic Committee" (IOC) organizes the modern Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, held in Summer and Winter, every four years.