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Bcauause NY had a baseball team called the giants

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2009-04-24 00:43:59
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Q: Why are the New York Football Giants called the Giants?
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What football team is called proud Americans?

New York Giants

What football team is called the proud Americans?

New York Giants

Why are they called new york football jets?

They are not called "the new york football jets" by anyone else but Chris Berman. The Giants were called "the new york football giants" to distinguish them from the former new york baseball team (now in SF)... Its a joke that Chris Berman uses, as obviously there is no "new york baseball jets" or any other sport for that matter.

What team play better New York patriots or New York Giants football team?

New York Giants

Does Giants play football?

Yes, the New York Giants.

What are the Greek mythological giants in football?

New York Giants

Are the New York Giants a football team or a baseball team?

Currently the New York Giants are a football team. There was also a New York Giants baseball team that moved to San Francisco in 1958.

What kind of sport do the New York Giants play?

The New York Giants play American Football.

Why are the ny giants named giants?

They were named after the baseball New York Giants. Their official name, to this day, is the New York Football Giants.

Why are the NY giants called giants?

Before the baseball Giants moved to San Fran they were the New York Giants. The football team was then named after the baseball team.

Where is the New York Giants headquarters?

The contact information for the New York Giants: New York Football Giants Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ 07073 (201) 935-8111

What are the two New York football teams?

new york giants ant the new york jets

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