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they are representing their team.

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Q: Why are the LA Lakers wearing home jerseys on the road?
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What color jerseys are the packers wearing in super bowl 45?

They should be wearing the home green jerseys - they are technically the home team in this Super Bowl and have the jersey selection. However, since they have won wearing the white road jerseys for 3 straight games, they may select the white to keep the vibe (the Steelers did this years ago when they won 3 straight road games in the white jerseys and selected white in the Super Bowl vs. Seattle).

What is the jersey color of the Green Bay Packers on the road?

NFL teams don't have a home or road uniform they have a color and a white uniform most teams wear their color uniform at home, thus you will see most road team wearing white on the road. The Dallas Cowboys always wear white at home thus the road team is force to wear their color uniform. so even though Green Bay wears color at home you will see them wearing the color uniform on the road when they play the cowboys Some teams (jets,dolphins,redskins) wear white at home in the warm months (sept. Oct.) and color or alternate for the rest of the season.

Who First baseball team to have names on jerseys?

The Chicago White Sox had names on their names for the road jerseys in 1960. In 1961, they had it for the home as well as their road jerseys.

What percentage has won more Super Bowls home or road jersey?

Road jerseys. Look at the last three superbowls, Giants, Steelers, and Saints, all in road jerseys

What color is home jersey for colts?

It is a bright royal blue!

What are the Chicago Bulls' black jerseys for?

the black jerseys are the Bulls' alternate jerseys. each NBA team has 1 or more alternate jerseys to go along with their regular road and home jerseys.

Why the NHL teams wearing away jerseys in home games?

After the NHL lockout all teams switched to wearing their dark colors at home and white on the road.

What colors are the new England patrios wearing for the AFC playoff?

The Pats wore their road colors - white jerseys and blue pants.

Do the San Francisco Giants wear their names on the backs of their road jerseys?

The Giants have worn names on the backs of their road jerseys since the 1960s. In 1994, San Francisco unveiled new cream-colored home uniforms that do not have have names on the backs. In short, there are names on the road and no names at home.

How many home courts do the lakers have?

They only have one home court, Staples Center. The Lakers play 41 home games, not including "road" games against the Clippers and playoff games.

Is it Packers vs Steelers or Steelers vs Packers?

Steelers vs Packers, because the Steelers are the road team. They will be wearing their white jerseys.

Does the 2009 mets road jersey have inaugural patch on right sleeve?

no. only home jerseys