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Because gold nuggets were found in Denver

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Q: Why are the Denver nuggets called the nuggets?
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What is the name of the Denver Nuggets Basketball Arena?

it is called Denver Stop Them

What is the origin of the Denver Nuggets team name?

they are called the nuggets because they do alot of mining for gold in denver melo rox

Why are the Nuggets called the Nuggets?

The team originates from the ABA in 1967, they were first called the Denver Rockets. In 1975 they were renamed by the owner after another team. In 1949-1950 there was an NBA team called the Denver Nuggets, they lasted one year. The owner of the then Denver ROckets renamed the team the Nuggets to honor Denver's first pro basketball team.

What is Denver nuggets record?

What is denver nuggets record 2011

When was Denver Nuggets created?

Denver Nuggets was created in 1967.

When were the Denver Nuggets added to the NBA?

The Denver Nuggets were added to the NBA in 1967. They were originally called the Denver Larks, but the name was changed in 1974 when the team was scheduled for a merger.

How did Denver Nuggets get its name?

The Denver Nuggets got it's name because in Colorado, people would pan for gold nuggets, hence the name Denver Nuggets

What is the Denver Nuggets' email Address?


How many champianchips do the Denver nuggets have?

The Denver Nuggets Franchise do not have Championship yet.

What is the NBA team in Denver?

Denver Nuggets

Where did the Denver nuggets get their name?

Colorado... GOLD NUGGETS!!

What are the Denver nuggets named after?

The gold rush came through Colorado, and they used to find gold "nuggets'. Hence, the denver nuggets

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